It is well-known that the right shoe can instantly make your outfit chic and boost your confidence, but what types of shoes should every woman have to cover all scenarios? And how many of each do you need?

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We crafted the essentials list for you:

1 Casual Sneakers

A staple in today’s fashion due to their easygoing style and comfort. Your casual sneakers are like best friends, you’d like them to be with you everywhere!

They’re ideal for everyday life, casual outings, travel, exercise, jogging, and any situation where comfort is key.

Expert Tip:

You surely have some beautiful formal dresses buried deep there in your closet. Pair it with casual sneakers and a denim jacket, and you get a stylish wardrobe-friendly casual look.

2 Loafers

These gorgeous slip-on shoes combine elegance with comfort perfectly. Their flat sole with the distinctive sleek minimalist design makes them one of the most known symbols of wealthy elegance.

Inspired by moccasins but with no laces, they are easy to wear and match perfectly with so many styles. Whether you’re a classy girl or a bold fashionista, comfortable women’s loafers are a must-have in every wardrobe. You can match them with your style and stay comfy while super chic.

Expert Tip:

The key to styling loafers is to ensure that your trousers or jeans are not floor-length – ideally, your ankles should be (at least) slightly exposed, this will give your outfit the right chic for a tailored look.

3 Heels

No other type of shoe can add grace to your gestures like heels! These beauties simply make you look stunning (and of course, taller). We are fortunate to have so many heel designs and heights, so we can enjoy their benefits according to the event, setting, activity, our height, and style. Pumps, stilettos, block heels, and wedges, each offer a different unique chic.

Expert Tip:

Nothing can ruin your style more than when your posture tells you are in discomfort.

Not all of us were born with heels on our feet, but with very little practice we can walk like models. Practice at home for short periods until you feel comfortable enough to go out and conquer the world.

4 Boots

A timeless style boost.

Boots have outstanding durability, protection, support, comfort, and of course, style! They can easily make a fashion statement, even if they are made of rubber.

Here are a few different types and how to pair them:

Ankle boots are suitable for both casual and formal occasions and are easily paired with jeans, skirts, or dresses. Knee-high and over-the-knee boots make a stylish statement in colder weather and can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, and dresses. Combat or hiking boots are perfect for outdoor activities or as a bold fashion statement.

Expert Tip:

The main thing that will affect the way you walk and feel in your boots is their grip. When the grip is right, you’ll enjoy better confidence, and this will affect the whole stylish impression you’ll make.

5 Sandals

Sandals are the most comfortable footwear for summer. They allow us to feel like we’re almost bare but with a secure hold, which gives us the freedom to walk in comfort on every surface.

The design variations are endless and you can find your comfortable women’s sandals for every occasion: gladiator sandals, chunky sandals, heeled thong sandals, evening sandals, raffia sandals, embellished sandals, leather sandals, and the list goes on and on. We can’t count all the types, but we’ll understand if you want to have them all!

Expert Tip:

Fashion allows us to make creative matches, so even if your comfy sandals are not the most elegant, pairing them right can make them chic. Usually, a light wide colorful summer dress will do that.

6 Flip-flops

You might think they’re made only for the beach or vacation, but since flip-flops came to the front of streetwear, they are here to stay. They’re popular for chilled outdoor activities where comfort and ease of wear are priorities. They’re simple, easy-going, humble, and chic.

Expert Tip:

If you just bought a new pair of flip-flops for your upcoming vacation, try to give your feet some time to adjust. If you are not used to them, a new pair might cause blisters and a lot of discomfort during your supposed-to-be, dreamy days.

7 Slippers

These essentials typically feature a soft, warm upper and are easy to slip on and off.

The true value of beautiful women’s slippers can only be appreciated if you own a pair. With them, even in moments when you are going around the house with your robe and a towel turban on your head, you’ll look (and feel!) like a movie star.

Expert Tip:

Be aware that some rubber soles can be noisy, which can be pretty annoying. If possible, try the pair you’re considering on a floor similar to the one you have at home.

Is One Pair of Each Enough?

The answer to this will always be individual. Depending on your lifestyle, body silhouette, place of work, family status, environment, and the places where you go out, you’ll know which shoe types are suitable and necessary for you and how many of each you need.

The Sole Conclusion

Having these seven types of shoes in your closet ensures you’re ready for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual day out, a formal event, or just relaxing at home, each pair plays its unique role in combining comfort and style.

Your shoe collection should always reflect your personal style and practical needs. So choose wisely, and let your shoes carry you confidently through life’s many paths.

Good luck!

Published by HOLR Magazine.