Actor Alec Baldwin found himself in a heated confrontation, striking a camera out of the hand of Crackhead Barney.

In a recent incident, actor Alec Baldwin found himself in a confrontation with a protester in New York City. As Baldwin was talking on his phone inside a coffee shop, the protester began recording him, trying to provoke a reaction.

Alec Baldwin Confrontation

Earlier this week, Crackhead Barney, an American performance artist and ambush interviewer, confronted the Baldwin, filming as she persistently pressed him to say ‘free Palestine, f**k Israel,’ while also questioning him about the tragic shooting of ‘Rust’ cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Initially, Baldwin remained composed despite the protester’s persistent questioning but as the tension escalated, Baldwin became visibly frustrated and asked the cafe worker to call the police and for the protester to leave the shop.

@talentagencyguide Alec Baldwin Confronted by Anti-Israel Protester in NYC… Knocks Cell Phone to the Ground In a recent incident in NYC, Alec Baldwin was involved in a confrontation with an anti-Israel protester who was filming him, leading to Baldwin knocking her cell phone to the ground after being provoked. The confrontation occurred while the actor was on a call inside a Manhattan coffee shop. The protester, a pro-Palestine supporter, began recording Baldwin, pressing him on his upcoming trial for the involuntary manslaughter of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.” #acting #actor #actress #actorslife #film #theatre #actors #cinema #monologues #movies #drama #casting #hollywood #shorts #tiktok #bollywood #instagram #director #tv #taylorswift #filmmaking #trendy #trending #actingtips #actingadvice #acting101 #alecbaldwin ♬ original sound – talentagencyguide

Ignoring his request, the protester continued to provoke Baldwin, calling him derogatory names and demanding that he declare his stance on Palestine. Eventually, Baldwin reached his breaking point and slapped the protester’s phone out of her hand, abruptly ending the confrontation.

The outcome of the incident beyond that point remains unknown, as there has been no confirmation of any further action taken by the authorities.

Crackhead Barney Piers Morgan

After the Coffee Shop incident, Crackhead Barney appeared on Piers Morgan’s show. Adorned in a sling, neck brace, and grey face paint, she asserted that Alec Baldwin had “maimed” her during their encounter.

Alec Balwin Crackhead Barney

Despite Morgan’s attempts to steer the conversation, Barney passionately defended her actions, pressing Baldwin’s accountability for Halyna Hutchins’ death and advocating for Palestine. Accusing Morgan of manipulation, Barney abruptly ended the interview, leaving the host visibly taken aback.

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