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CAUTION: Disturbing content ahead

Alexee Trevizo went viral online after the young 19-year-old girl was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly putting her baby in a hospital trash can. The baby was found dead as a result.

Alexee Trevzio Baby

In police bodycam footage released showing Trevizo and her mother being told the news of the baby being found, graphic photo and video shows Trevizo reacting to the news, as noted here. “It came out of me, I didn’t know what to do. I put it in the bag, in the trash bag. I’m sorry, Mom,” Trevizo can be heard saying.

Allegedly, the body cam footage also showcased the hospital worker’s response. “The baby’s dead. She killed the kid,” the hospital worker said.

In new unedited versions of the police body cam footage posted on YouTube, viewers can see Trevizo in the hospital after giving birth. Viewers can also see the interactions between the authorities, Trevizo, and her family as news pertaining to the ordeal is relayed.

Alexee Trevizo Sentence

As noted here, Trevizo was released from jail with restrictions following a hearing recently. Trevizo is allowed to attend school and her graduation but she has a curfew.

Trevizo subsequently is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on September 11. The trial will supposedly take place on October 2 where a jury will weigh in on the incident.

Alexee Trevizo Baby Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss the unedited body cam footage. Here’s what one user had to say about the incident in this thread:

“I also can’t help but think of that housekeeper and how traumatic that moment was for her; I was an NICU nurse for 11 years and I’ve seen some incredibly traumatic things as a result, but my god, this poor woman who found the baby :(“ said the user.

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