Frenshe is Ashley Tisdale’s wellness platform, lifestyle company, and blog. Introduced at Target, Being Frenshe Bath and Body Care Line has quickly evolved from an online destination to a full-fledged wellness brand.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Being Frenshe

Ashley Tisdale explained in a letter posted on the Frenshe blog that while she was at home during the height of the pandemic, she relied on small skincare daily rituals to relieve anxiety and feel productive. “Every morning, I’d open a window and slowly take a deep breath of fresh air,” Tisdale writes.

“It only took a moment, but it started my days on a more hopeful note. Or take the small act of lighting a candle. Filling my home with a beautiful scent helped me tune in to my surroundings and be present in the moment,” she added.

Whether she’s talking about her journey to find herself after the birth of her daughter, Jupiter, or the process of accepting her changing body, the actress, singer, and new mom always speaks to her fans with refreshing candour.

Ashley Tisdale Beauty line; Courtesy Being Frenshe

Image Credit: Courtesy of Being Frenshe

Her newly launched bath and body brand, Being Frenshe, which is a passion endeavour, has benefited greatly from the platform. “The blog is for others — not me. I want people to know that everyone goes through hard times and that they have a community of support,” Tisdale discusses.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tisdale realized she wasn’t the only one who could benefit from practicing healthy wellness rituals to calm her anxiety after receiving a series of messages from her fans. Being Frenshe is the result. It stems from her desire to “help you in your everyday life,” she says.

Tisdale began engaging in direct messages (DM) chats with her fans, through which she began to understand what they genuinely desired in a self-care line. At the same time, Tisdale was well on her way to exploring the world of perfumes and learning what scents could offer in terms of wellness.

The Being Frenshe line’s five scents, or “moods”, were all inspired by her growing obsession with candles. During the epidemic, she adds, “I really created these rituals to keep myself grounded, and a lot of it had to do with my candles.”

“I was realizing that, ‘Oh wow, when I open a window and light a candle, it changes my mood.'”  That was the lightbulb moment: using scent in her everyday routine instead of needing to add essential oils to everything.

Ashley Tisdale Beauty line; Courtesy Being Frenshe

Image Credit: Courtesy of Being Frenshe

Based on the feeling you want to experience or seek at any given time of the day, the five scents were chosen. Unwind & Rest, which Tisdale likes to wear at night, is paired with the Lavender Cloud fragrance, and Soothe & Comfort is paired with Cashmere Vanilla. She confesses that the idea for Cashmere Vanilla came from her obsession with making Trader Joe’s jasmine rice.

According to Ashley, you need to choose what self-care looks like for you in order for others to know how to best accommodate you and in order to better care for your loved ones. Tisdale says, “I can’t just keep running at full speed.” I must care for myself because if I don’t, I won’t be in a good frame of mind for my daughter.

Being Frenshe upholds the fundamentally balanced nature of the Frenshe philosophy. She explains, “I’m not the kind of person who’s like, ‘Oh yeah, you have to live a really nontoxic and clean lifestyle. It sounds like, “No, just make one good decision every day.” And based on what you can see in the brand’s offers, it should be simple to decide which product and aroma you relate to the most.

The Being Frenshe line is available at, with prices starting at $8. The collection, which includes body lotions, hair oils, serums, fragrance mists, and more, is vegan and cruelty-free, and free of parabens, phthalates, and sulphates.

Published by HOLR Magazine.