According to the spring/summer 2019 street and runway scenes, animal print is making another ferocious comeback.  Earning the title of fashion’s new neutral, this comes as no surprise; the bold pattern remaining at the forefront of our wardrobes.

Although it is a classic, we’ll admit, that any time we have added even the smallest splash of animal print to our outfits, whether it’s on our feet, in our hair or in some larger piece of clothing, we are fearful.  Yes, we want to look confident, but we don’t want to fully unleash our inner jungle cat either. So, how does one take a walk on the wild side without going too wild?  Well, we’re letting you in on a few tips. 


Start Off Small 

If you’re hesitant about wearing animal print or simply want to save money, add the pattern as a tiny accent to your outfit!  The good news? Animal print has been incorporated into plenty of accessories this season, including sunglasses, handbags, scarves, hair clips and scrunchies, making for a simple transition.  

Photo via Fashion Activation

Less is More 

Although there are several examples of fashion fans sporting multiple pieces of this print in one outfit, don’t let your animal instincts get the better of you. When it comes to wild, eye-catching patterns, it is important to remember the fashion maxim of “less is more,” otherwise layering animal print upon animal print can present itself as cheap and excessive.   


Simplicity is Key 

To discreetly pounce on this trend, try adding a pop of animal print to simple, yet stylish pieces  yes, this will put your white t-shirt and jeans combo into good use!  By teaming animal print with these unbeatable closet staples (perhaps in the form of a jacket or sweater, or you could even opt to switch your jeans in for printed pants), you’ll exude coolness.




Let Your Shoes do the Talking 

Walk on the wild side (quite literally) by choosing animal print shoes!  This is our favourite way to get acquainted with the trend because it allows one to make a subtle upgrade, as well as look effortlessly chic.  Animal print booties, sneakers, loafers, heels  the options are endless!  


Mix with a Trendy Skirt

If you’re feeling daring, try wearing animal print with the slip-style, knee length skirt  trust us, this skirt of our dreams has taken over social media feeds and is clearly having a moment!  It is a super easy transition piece and complements almost anything in your wardrobe; pair it with soft and creamy tones to tame the beastliest of patterns.  You’ll have heads turning!


Although animal print can be intimidating, its versatility is what makes it so appealing and is what continues to spark our interest.  Which way will you style it this season?



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