In this day and age, you don’t need to get a 9 to 5 job to earn money; you also don’t need to be a celebrity or a famous sportsperson. No matter what your skills are, there are multiple ways to make money that don’t involve sitting at a desk. 

Alternative money earners are more common than ever, and if you have the time and the patience, here are some of the best ones you can do to earn a living.

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Whether you spend time online playing games on your favorite online casino or simply scrolling the internet, you have more than likely seen adverts and websites for second-hand goods. Not only does the internet make it easy to find diamonds in the rough, but it also makes it much easier to sell your goods. 

Flipping is a relatively easy money-maker if you commit as much time as possible to researching and hunting out items. You can often make huge profits on very cheap items with little to no effort. 

Sell on Amazon

A step up from reselling is selling on Amazon. There are apps and programs available that allow you to become a seller on Amazon. If you go to a bargain store and scan item barcodes using the seller app, you can see how much you can make selling the item on Amazon and all of the fees involved. 

This process is also very simple; you buy all the products you want to sell, you send them to Amazon, and they will then upload the items to their site. Once the items sell, you get your profits. 

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Freelancing has become one of the most popular ways to earn a living or make money on the side. Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to be incredibly talented at something; more often than not, being competent is more than enough. 

You can also freelance in a variety of niches, whether it be photography, writing, social media management, or accounting. 

Become a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another way to make money from home. In simple terms, a virtual assistant is someone who will handle their client’s everyday tasks and business, such as setting up meetings or scheduling calls. 

The benefit of doing it online from home is that you are able to be an assistant for multiple people at once, further supplementing your income. 

Publish an ebook

Publishing ebooks is a process that does require far more patience, but if you find the right niche and audience, it can be fairly profitable. Once again, a big benefit of this is that you can do the entire process yourself for very little upfront expense. 

Once you have written your book, Amazon has a service that lets you publish it and then upload it to their Kindle store. 

Create an app/game

If you are a skilled programmer or you have the time to learn simple code, you can create a game or app. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a programming master to be able to create simple apps or games, as there are more than enough websites to help you. 

There are also websites and services available that can provide you with a blueprint, which means you just have to do the bulk of the easier programming. Once you have your game or app, stick it in app stores and watch the money roll in. 

Become an online tutor

Nowadays, there are several courses available that will enable you to become an online tutor. You can then take your skills and tutor people in math, English, science, or whichever subject you prefer. 

This type of work is extremely flexible; you are able to set your own hours, and if you’re self-employed, you can also set your own rates. 

Sell your photographs

If you are a casual or fairly experienced photographer, you most likely have a hard drive or two filled with photos. There are several sites online that enable you to upload your photos and then get paid when they are downloaded or used. 

It is also possible to make money by taking photos of absolutely anything, such as roads, skyscrapers, money, etc., which are all used by companies as “stock images” for website posts, social media posts, and everything in between. 

Build websites

Finally, you can offer to build websites for small businesses. Once again, this isn’t nearly as hard as you think it is, as the internet provides everything you need. The first step is to purchase the domain name, which is often incredibly cheap if you are using the business name. 

Next, you can use a platform like Wix or WordPress to build a simple website that you can then sell easily. While you aren’t going to become a millionaire doing this, it is a way to supplement your income at first and then even become a full-time job when you get very good at it. 
Published by HOLR Magazine.