As the concerns related to energy consumption, climate change, and increased costs are rising, people are seeking new and improved ways to optimize their lifestyles. One such major lifestyle change is switching to a new mode of transportation that is better for the environment, suits their lifestyle, and doesn’t increase their expenses. Manufacturers and automobile designers are continuously coming up with new ideas to tackle the issues faced by commuters on a day-to-day basis. While some new modes of transportation are actively used by commuters today, others are still under development. Here are some new modes of transportation you should check out and look for in the future. 

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters and bikes are increasingly getting popular as they are more energy-efficient and make less noise. Since they are portable, they are often preferred by office workers and people who commute to different places during the day. Electric scooters are particularly useful and apt for use in big cities where traffic congestion and busy roads are a common sight. The foldability factor makes them portable and easy to carry around. Moreover, they do not cause air and noise pollution, which makes them a great mode of transportation in today’s world. 

Today, you can find several rental places that give out electric scooters and bikes on rent at a mere price. You can leave them at designated spots designed by the rental services after use. Since such spots are located at multiple places around the city, you can easily rent a scooter on the go. If you need a new mode of transportation for a prolonged period, you can invest in one. 


Another interesting alternative to electric scooters and bikes is hoverboards. This gadget is sought after by many and is quickly turning into a common means of transportation in busy cities. Not only are they beneficial for the environment, but they are also a cheaper alternative to cars. Since you need skill and balance to move around on a hoverboard, many people are hesitant to use hoverboards to get around the city. If you fear falling off your hoverboard, practice before you invest in one. While some hoverboards need special services to resolve technical issues, a smart balance hoverboard comes with additional accessories and spare parts that keep it in tip-top shape. Basically, hoverboards allow you to explore the city without actually exerting any effort. 

Autonomous Cars

As the name suggests, these cars are self-driven and operated on the basis of automation and artificial intelligence. Technology has advanced by a greater margin and has given us self-driving cars, which is a major boon for the disabled. The algorithm and technology developed in autonomous cars can reduce accidents and deaths by 90%, which is a whopping number. Furthermore, they can also reduce traffic and make commuting more convenient. More and more companies are also designing autonomous cars that operate on electricity, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the carbon footprint. All in all, self-driving cars are not only convenient for daily commuters but also better for the environment. With time, we will be able to see autonomous cars on a regular basis. 


Hyperloop is a popular topic in the world of transportation today. The concept was put forward by Elon Musk in 2012 and has undergone several conceptualization stages and tests ever since. Basically, Hyperloop is a functional transportation system that comprises a pressurized tube or capsule and runs inside a low or zero pressure tube. It can transport people from one spot to another at an extremely high speed (around 700 mph). One of the tests revealed that the system will take only 35 minutes to cover the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Elon Musk has allowed his concept to be used by companies, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs and come with a related plausible technological advancement. 

Several companies and startups have since been working on this concept and testing their version of the Hyperloop system. In 2017, Virgin Hyperloop One developed its first prototype in the hopes of turning it into an operational design within the next few years. With time, we can hope to see a functional and operational Hyperloop design in the coming years.

While some of these new modes of transportation are already in use, others are still under development and are expected to be available on the market in the near future. If you want a new vehicle that is portable, fits in your budget, and eco-friendly, electric scooters and hoverboards are your ideal choices. You can also rent them to see if they fit your needs before investing in one.