Not many people knew that the iconic red and white Campbell’s Soup can was created by legendary pop art artist Andy Warhol. Campbell’s Canada is paying tribute to Warhol and his love for the brand by releasing four limited-edition cans of Tomato and Cream of Mushroom soup in a pop art style. The vibrant colours and classic label is a way for Canadians and soup lovers to embrace the brightness and lift one’s spirits through art. 

“These special edition soup cans serve to remind us that there is joy, warmth and light that can be found in simple things around us. We look forward to bringing this concept to life through our campaign by sharing examples of real-life pop art inspired by the cans – there are always new and creative ways we can brighten up our days.” Vice President Mieka Burns of Campbell talked about what the brand has and still does for its everyday consumers. 

Andy Warhol himself believed in the same philosophy that Campbell is bringing to light today in honour of him and his artistry. Warhol was one to take everyday items and turn them into minimalist works of art, like a can of soup, or a banana. With this, Campbells is honouring Warhol by challenging artists alike who are inspired or influenced by an iconic artist. 

Image credit: @thecrazyplatelady

Through this campaign of celebrating 60 years, Campbell’s is encouraging artists to find colourful ways to inspire everyday life, and take these limited-edition cans and produce art with them in mind. Through their social media, these artists can use the hashtag #CampbellsxWarhol and Refinery29 will be creating a digital art gallery with a selection of these unique works. 

The iconic art of Warhol has gone on to being one of the most popular pieces to define a generation, from articles of clothing to posters and even on tote bags and skateboards, the Warhol Campbell’s soup can have graced eyes all around the world and truly took the likes of an everyday essential item and transformed it into art. 

“Campbell’s Condensed Soup and Andy Warhol’s artwork are inextricably linked in the history of pop art,” said Campbell Corporate Archivist Scott Hearn. “Warhol is said to have created his Campbell’s-inspired works because he enjoyed eating the soup every day, a true definition of ‘when art imitates life.’