Many people believe in a higher power, whether it comes from religion or the universe. This is what allows individuals to have faith and believe that they can go on with their lives being guided by something else outside of their control. These same people believe that they are constantly sent signs with an underlying meaning. One of the most common signs that you may be familiar with is often seeing the same number or a sequence of numbers throughout your day. 

These numbers are known as ‘angel numbers’ and it is believed that they each have a meaning and there is a particular reason why you are seeing them. This is essentially the universe’s way of speaking to you without using any words. When you understand the message this higher power is trying to convey, you will be able to make appropriate changes to your life, and it should help you with important decisions. This article will discuss angel numbers, why you keep seeing them and what they are telling you so that you learn how to read the signs and understand the message of the universe. 

What is an Angel Number 

As discussed above, an angel number is a sequence of numbers or a particular number that you may repeatedly encounter. It is believed that each number or sequence holds a message that can be interpreted and applied to your life. This is the way the universe uses to communicate with you via angels since they are not visible beings capable of communicating with words. 

What Are Some Examples of Angel Numbers and What Do They Mean

There are many different numbers that you may see that can be interpreted as angel numbers, but there are some patterns that are more common than others. Below there are some examples of these as well as their meanings so that you can interpret the message the angels are trying to convey. 


This sequence is one of the most common ones observed by individuals, particularly the beginners who start to show an interest in numerology. The number one, on its own, conveys independence and self-sufficiency and the meaning is emphasized within its sequence. If you find yourself observing this pattern constantly, the universe may be asking you to pay attention to the world around you so that you deal with any current issues.  


Not many people get to observe this specific sequence, but it is indeed one of the most powerful ones. Numerology experts state that the number 6 indicates a balanced and stable life, whilst the 0 symbolizes the Creator of the Universe. The angels are essentially advising you to focus on your spiritual growth.


The number 7 is usually linked to inner wisdom and a deeper connection based on creativity and the ability to attract material circumstances as long as we shift our attention in a positive way.  


This sequence may come at a time when you feel at your lowest. When you observe this regularly, it may mean that your guardian angels are trying to remind you to reflect on your thoughts, ignore negative ones, and trust that positive things will come so that you shift the balance of positivity in your life. When you do this, you will see that your manifestations will come true. 

How Do I Learn More About This

Numerology is interesting and there is so much to learn that you may need to study it for some time before you become an expert. Evidently, this study will be easier if you believe in angel numbers, although if you are skeptical it may take you more time to accept this. There are numerous blogs and videos online, and you can also find a number of books in your local library if you are interested in learning more about the subject and applying this to your life.  

How Do I Recognize an Angel Number 

Recognizing an angel number can be difficult. There are numbers everywhere, how do you really know that the number or sequence you are seeing is indeed a hidden message from your guardian angels? As you may know, when things don’t really matter, it is unlikely that you will pay attention to it. When an angel and the universe want to get the message through to you, the number or sequence will cross your path until you notice it and focus on it. Once this happens, you will have a feeling that it comes from an angel, and you can do your best to find the reason why and what the message could be. 

What Shall I Do If I Encounter an Angel Number 

If you see an angel number, make sure you reflect on it. It will be difficult at first to understand why you are seeing a certain number and what the angels want you to do with it. The number is not the only important thing to focus on – make sure that you become aware of your surroundings and the particular situation you are in each time you see the number. Think about feelings, thoughts, and emotions and this may help you find the solution to your issues. 

How Will I Know I Have Dealt With The Issue? 

There will come a time where you may stop seeing the number. You may be going about your life and suddenly realize that you have not seen the number or pattern for some time. This is when you will know that you have heard the message and dealt with the issue. The angels will send you the number until you understand the message, once you do this you will no longer need the signs and the communication from them, hence this will stop. 

There may be a time in your life where you are feeling lost or that you need help making a life-changing decision. If you find yourself constantly seeing a pattern of numbers, it may be the Universe’s way of sending you a message. Pay attention to it and understand what it means. The information discussed on this page should provide you with the basics about angel numbers to help you understand why you keep seeing them, as well as what they are telling you.  

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