Brazilian Singer, Anitta Puts Warner On Blast After International Womens Day Post

Due to International Womens Day, posts appreciating women were scattered across the internet. Celebrities like Selena Gomez posted a younger image of herself with the caption giving her younger self advice and Paris Hilton posted a picture with her sisters, putting some loving words in the caption. Anitta took to her Instagram story yesterday to educate upcoming artists on not getting manipulated in the industry.

Via Instagram @anitta

“Communication at Warner is so good that they posting me on a HAPPY women’s day looping post even tho I had to go public to ask for the ‘woman respect’ that this date represents.” She starts,

“Using on the background the song they said it would never break without a feature cuz I wasn’t strong enough for that.”  

In the next few Instagram stories, she goes into specifics about what she has been struggling with her label, Warner.

“On this women’s day, instead of a cute post I would love to have the CEO doing what he promised me a month ago, after I asked how much is it to finish the contract and he said THAT WOULDN’T HAPPEN, respect ME, the young women, giving at least a little real importance to the fair honest and respectful talk I asked had with you, instead of sending your lawyers to talk to mine about money when I did say that I already accepted the sad unfair fact that I’m the major investor here and asked the label to just do the simple job they were supposed to: PROMOTE MY MUSIC,” She states.

Image Credit: Nolwen Cifuentes—Redux

“For my women’s day insisted of a cute post at Warner’s page I wish I never again have to write an email like that to the CEO begging for the treatment you signed up for,” she continued, as she goes to post an email she wrote about the situation.

“So I can see now that the company just follows the leader’s behaviour. There was just 1 conversation happening, the lawyers one. The second one is happening now because I came and asked for the answer you promised me in person A MONTH AGO. And that’s how Warner music is, we gotta keep on asking for the things you are supposed to naturally do. I don’t know how to work like that. When I commit with something I don’t need people to be requesting me where’s the thing I promised I would do. And if you don’t have enough time to dedicate then you don’t commit with thousands of artists. As I see this is never gonna change, I will hire a new person which the job will be ‘ask Warner to do their job everyday,’”

Via Instagram @anitta

“And I would love to get a price for my contract. (A fair one btw, according to the amount of money that warner invested) I asked a couple times but useless tries.” 

She ends her spam posting with a message to young aspiring musicians,

“For all the young artists starting now: Watch out for EVERYTHING you sign. I was so young and naive when I did this s–t to myself more than 10 years ago. Didn’t know even 10% of the reality. It doesn’t matter how small you are, you will grow, and see yourself stuck on a looping that doesn’t change is so frustrating. You will be scared, so you will try to throw perfume but s–t smells like s–t, doesn’t matter how much roses u put on top, doesn’t matter if they move your s–t to another spot, it’s still s–t. And when you finally lose all the strength you had to keep pushing yourself in the middle of the s–t, you’ll feel like nothing can get worse, that you have nothing to lose cuz you already lost all the great love and passion you had in the beginning. Then you’ll get to this insane ‘fight’ that I am right now. Where you fight by yourself cuz they don’t even waste their time giving you a damn f–k, cuz you are too small in the big sea of sharks with thousands of other small fishes to keep eating.”

Published By: HOLR Magazine