Anna Beck is launching their Spring/Summer 2022 Rasa Collection, with the highly anticipated new palette featuring Amazonite, Pink Opal and many more exciting stones.

Anna Beck’s celebrated the beauty of working with heritage artisans in Bali who practice the art of handmade techniques that have been passed down from generations before. 

The help of these artisans allows Anna Beck to share the knowledge of the people of Bali with the rest of the world, they are committed to bettering the world through their jewelry, inspiring people to be reminded to give thanks and love more deeply. 

Founder Becky Hosmer started Anna Beck 18 years ago after going to Bali and discovering and admiring the beautiful things that only they could create. 

Becky soon found a business partner with Gede who handmade jewelry at home, and soon Becky quit her job, moved from LA to Bali and started up Anna Beck. Living and working alongside the Bali artisans allowed her to understand the beauty behind each piece, and from there the authenticity of Anna Beck became her passion, which made Becky want the business to allow the jewelry to showcase the Balinese culture. 

The Rasa collection returns with a new palette that features Amazonite, pink opal, turquoise, sunstone and aqua phase. This collection is inspired by the art and practices of the Hindu and the collection itself creates a connection between traditional Balinese craftsmanship and modern techniques. 

Large Oval Pink Signet Ring $515: 

Handmade in Bali the 18k gold ring allows the pink opal to meet the bold quality of a signet ring, the pink opal has healing powers, and each ring and stone has a unique colour and shape. 

Amazonite Beaded Necklace $345:

The Amazonite beaded necklace is a unique bouquet of colours ranging from terracotta, cream, and slate with beautiful vermile beads for the perfect setting and texture. 

Large Asymmetrical Wavy Ring $515:

This bold ring has an organic look and texture that resembles the movement of the tide. The 18k gold ring is both subtle and an accent piece that can pair well with any Anna Beck collection piece.  

Anna Beck can be shopped on the brand’s official website in addition to retailers such as Nordstroms and is affiliated with Skimlinks (Merchant ID: 67935). Get your hands on these beautiful handmade products before they sell out!

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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