Making unadorned jewelry for men is so passé. It’s mindboggling to think how jewelry for men has become so underwhelming. It wasn’t strange for a man to show off his rings and layers of necklaces throughout history.

Thankfully, these days, jewelry for men is making a hard comeback. Of course, the likes of Prince and Lenny Kravitz were known to adorn themselves with jewels exquisitely. Johnny Depp these days has flawlessly transitioned into a full pirate and wears tons of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. But there are younger celebrities like Timotheé Chalamet, Jaden Smith, and Lil Nas X, who are dazzling cameras with their gorgeous pieces of jewelry.  

It’s downright exciting to see all these “men’s fashion mistakes” trampled on and entirely obliterated. Gone are the days when elaborate or flashy jewelry pieces were only meant for women. Today, it’s OK to use statement gems for men’s accessories. 

Accessories such as emerald rings are becoming quite trendy these days, and it’s easy to understand why with these reasons. 


  • Wedding band 


Married men who aren’t too keen on fashion usually only wear one piece of jewelry, and that’s their wedding ring. As a single of love, wedding rings ought to be worn most of the time, and so, it must be a piece that feels special. 

Usually, people have diamonds for their wedding rings, but did you know that an emerald signifies true love, among other things? A men’s emerald wedding band is a perfect combination aesthetically and sentimentally.  

Furthermore, if the married couple is said to be going through a rough patch in their relationship, it is said that wearing an emerald can help rekindle the love and passion between partners.  


  • Versatility 


Gemstones can be striking, especially if paired with an eye-catching design. Although this might look great for special events, it’s not exactly practical for everyday use. For instance, pearls tend to be worn for more formal occasions. Emeralds, on the other hand, are the opposite of that. It coordinates well, whether it’s casual streetwear or a red carpet.  

As for the design of the ring itself, emeralds can come in different cuts and settings. Plus, this deep green gem coordinates well, whether it’s gold or silver.




Diamonds are excellent, but due to their extreme popularity, many people think they’ve become overrated. On the other hand, emeralds have been used in jewelry for millennia. It may not be as incessantly promoted as diamonds, but it’s never been unpopular either.  

It reflects quiet dignity. For sure, it’s a valuable gem, but it never seeks to be the center of attention.  

While some jewels and designs can be fashionable at specific times, emerald rings are effortlessly and timelessly stylish. Just like the pieces that can be found at


Various meanings 


Jewels are known to represent all kinds of ideas, as well as superstitious beliefs. We’ve already mentioned that it’s excellent for married couples, but emerald rings are also well-loved by bachelors. As a symbol of love, it’s meant to help a man find the love of his life, and hopefully a lifelong partner!  

Moreover, emeralds are also said to raise the spirits of anyone going through a negative headspace because of work. Supposedly, it helps you excel by keeping you focused and positive.  

Students can also expect some benefits from the focus, intelligence, and memory that emeralds are said to draw out.  

In general, emeralds represent true love, health, intellect, wealth, and prosperity.  




Emeralds are also tough gems; a few smacks aren’t going to damage it easily. So even if you like to do some handy work, you won’t worry about keeping the ring on.  


Emerald rings have never been out of style, but lately, it’s quickly rising in popularity. With celebrities, models, designers, and influencers taking the lead with gemmed accessories, it’s easy to see the emerald’s gorgeous presence as well as its representation for all kinds of successes.