Say hello to spring with Pandora’s Garden Collection!


At the beginning of March Pandora released a new array of beautiful bracelets, charms, earrings, rings, and necklaces so you can celebrate the arrival of spring! Each piece in this Garden Collection is crafted from sustainably sourced metals and finished by hand. Everything perfectly captures nature’s unique beauty in each of the pieces.  Also included in this new collection are Pandora’s popular Daisy Charms, now available in a lovely purple hue. “This collection is all about reconnecting with your inner child to reignite a sense of innocent exploration,” said Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, Pandora’s VP Creative Directors. “Through expert craftsmanship and detailed enamel work, we’ve been able to emphasize the daisy’s physical beauty.”

Here are some of the pieces you will definitely want to check out:


Whether in purple or pink, these Daisy Charms add a nice touch of colour to any bracelet or necklace that you can mix and match. Every precise detail in the flowers of this collection makes them look very realistic, almost picked straight out of a fairytale garden.

Pandora’s one of the world’s largest and leading jewelry makers founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. Today they offer affordable, hand-crafted jewelry made to the highest environmental and ethical standards. You can visit them here to view more about this collection and other pieces.