With the ever-increasing population in major towns and cities, finding a suitable apartment can be an overwhelming process. The same situation becomes even worse when finding one that can accommodate you with your pet. Some apartments may never allow pets, while others do not have better structures to accommodate these pets. At times, you might be forced to pay an extra fee for an apartment if you have pets. It is understandable how it becomes difficult finding an apartment for any dog owner. This article will provide some tips and expectations for individuals with dogs searching for an apartment. Here are some tips to guide you. 

Start an early search

Do not wait until the last minute to start searching for an apartment. It’s hectic finding one, especially one that accommodates pets. As soon as you plan on moving to a new house, please make a point of reading and finding dog-friendly apartments and find out more details about them. All apartments may not fit your preferences, while some might have strict rules that won’t fit your taste. Ensure you do thorough checking and investigation before coming up with a shortlist of the apartments you will want to rent. The search for large dog-friendly condos in Naples will lead you to various apartments that accept individuals with big dogs and so on. Your search should be precise and ensure the apartments you shortlist to match your needs. After that, you can visit them or enquire one by one to get the best.

Utilize pet-friendly sources in your search

Searching for a house is a complicated process. Searching for one that accommodates pets is more complicated since there are only a few in this category. Instead of going through huge resources and other searches to find a perfect house that will fit your needs and that of your dog, you can limit your search to pet-friendly sources. What does this mean? You only search the house for resources related to pets. For example, veterinary offices and humane societies do shortlist houses for rent which allows pets. Use their lists to search for an apartment that will meet your requirement. Instead of going through long lists of houses, use the pet filter available on most websites to get pet-friendly apartments.

Focus your energy on communities that are pet friendly

It is almost impossible to find a pet-friendly apartment in a community that does not like pets. Instead of wasting time trying to find a house in these areas, focus your energy on finding the same in communities that readily accept pets. Chances of finding apartments in pet-friendly communities are higher. Use the time to filter the available options to come up with the best apartment that will fit your needs, including accommodating your big dog comfortably. Apartments with weight limits or hosting single families are more persuaded to accept pets than those hosting large families. Ensure you reduce the time needed to find a house by focusing on specific, pet-friendly areas.

Show how responsible you are with your dog

How responsible are you with your dog? Many landlords will not accept tenants who aren’t responsible for their pets, and some put restrictions on how you will stay with them. How do you prove you are a good dog keeper? Many landlords will ask for certificates, vaccination documents, and veterinary reports concerning your dog. 



Some will also require a document from the previous landlord showing how you take care of your pets. Ensure you put all these documents together and walk with them during your house search. Some communities will also require having the dogs neutered or spayed before they are accepted in any apartment. 

Sell Yourself

Sometimes, it requires using your negotiation skills to acquire a good apartment that will accommodate your pet. Of course, you will be the client, but some little courtesy and marketing skills will make you get accommodated to an apartment, even when it initially rejected tenants with pets. How does one sell themselves? Ensure you find the apartment owner and prove to them how responsible you are with houses and how you will maintain your pet without causing inconveniences to other tenants. You can even create a pet resume with photos of the previous house or prove how your pet behaves well. When you like an apartment, you can even ask the landlord to accept a little more rent in your favor.

You can use many strategies to get a suitable apartment that will accommodate you and your big dog. The above are some main strategies that people are using to settle with their pets. Ensure that, once you get the apartment, you maintain it well and avoid disrupting other tenants. Some landlords will terminate your contract very fast if you don’t keep the promise.