April Miranda is a Toronto-based executive life coach, yoga, fitness instructor, and master healer. She’s been making waves in the Toronto community recently, starting a new business, online radio show segments, writing a book, and expecting her first born in the Spring.  

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April describes herself as, “a playful soul who stays curious, and leans into the new adventures that life has to offer. Although it may seem like she had a clear path in life, it wasn’t necessarily a part of the plan.

“I didn’t know I always wanted to be a healer/coach.teacher. Becoming a rich and famous performer was Plan A. I wanted to share inspiring stories through film and television to inspire people around the world. However, I was 100% clear that I wanted to evolve my soul to it’s fullest expression in this lifetime and empower other souls to do the same.”

Through her experience from booking a one-way ticket to Toronto to chase her dreams, April realized that yoga and the practice built her foundation for the net step in her life. Eventually, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto. She discovered that the Chakra system may have had an impact in her life.

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Life was easier when I could just eat all natural luxurious gelato with my love in London and Paris ???? The perfectionist / the achiever in me just doesn’t stop hustling… I know I am the only one putting pressure on myself to have it all together before our Booberry comes in the spring. Learning how to “chill” is a challenge for me. @theholisticconnection is definitely teaching me more about loving myself and another than ever before. There are times when I feel like I am a sky rocket towards my best self, and other times my shadows / fears / ego speaks so loudly I start to believe that they are true. I would love to hear from my fellow artists, entrepreneurs, and healers!!! How do find a balance between hustle and flow? ??

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“We had an assignment to write a 10-page paper on anything we wanted about yoga. I chose to explore the sacral chakra (energy centre) due to the amount of yogis that would request support in releasing hips and low back. The sacral energy centre is where our pelvis is — the hips, lower back, and sex organs.

Doing the research, I was diving into my own healing regarding my sexual energy. That was when I realized that the ancient wisdom of the chakra system had relevant knowledge this world could benefit from. In that moment, I knew I had to see if my thinking were true – the chakra system is like a step system to evolve.”

This led to the creation of the Root-to-Rise Self-Awakening Process.

“My best memory in the process is healing my heart enter. Remember what it meant to love me unconditionally and attracting the man of my dreams into my reality — he teaches me everyday to increase my worthiness, and receive more love.

The most difficult memory in the process was realizing that I have been conditioned based on an experience of pain that happened when I was four-years-old. It was a moment that has been like having a set of goggles on for my entire life. Having the knowledge of my journey, I have huge compassion for those who have experienced pain in a higher caliber and have deeper wounds to heal.”


This signature method has been getting a lot of attention as she shares her personal journey online and offline. She’s currently on a weekly online radio show, MindBodyRadio (Health & Wellness) Wednesdays at 9:00am.

April shares deep personal stories and elaborates on how you can create the life you have always wanted.

“Have the courage to listen, lead, love, and live from your heart. I know it’s cliche, but it’s a simple and effective message, mindset, and lifestyle — MOVE with LOVE.”

April has a lot of plans this coming year and she invites us all to follow along her journey and invites us all to move with love — no matter what that looks like.


“In 2020 I want to publish my book, give birth to a healthy, happy baby in May, and have MOVE with LOVE be an international message/mindset/lifestyle/movement. I love to eat and travel to explore new experiences in this physical realm — send restaurant recommendations in your city!”

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