Migraines are a real pain. It’s that severe stage of headache often tends by symptoms that affect many senses, and generally happens to just one side of the head. Migraine generally comes with many other problems like vomiting, nausea, shoulder pain, back pain, sensitivity to sound and light, etc. In many cases, migraine pain last for days. 

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People keep looking for effective treatment options because there are times that migraines don’t go away even after having painkillers as well. This is one kind of medical condition that affects a lot of men and women every year. Some studies proved migraine is the 3rd most common disease in the world.

Now if you talk about a Daith piercing, it’s a piercing that passes through the ear innermost cartilage fold, the crux of the helix. It’s sometimes hard to pierce — but once it’s pierced, it is suggested to not to change the jewelry very often so that it can heal the piercing properly. It can take months to heal sometimes, you have to be very careful once you get it done.

Alongside this, acupuncture is a popular common treatment for headaches and migraines, and some try to prove there is an acupuncture pressure point on the same spot in the ear. The acupuncture on-ear directly effects on your digestive system. Some studies prove that there is a pressure point which directly linked with digestive organs where you get Daith piercing done in that part of the ear.

When you talk about the connection between Daith piercing and migraine, it’s the belief that wearing an earring in your Daith provides constant compression to that pressure point, which is proven that it can relieve pain. It works like acupuncture in that spot and it has proven to be effective for the pain created due to migraines.

If you talk about scientific proof about relief from migraine pain because of Daith piercing, there’s actually no proof yet. Researchers say there are temporary results which can relieve you from pain — so it’s suggested to get a Daith piercing done if you want to experience some relief from your migraine pain. The good thing about this piercing is that it can also be done in no time! It has no risk factor, and generally leaves no infection and pain. 

When you’ve decided to get a Daith piercing done, there are a few risks that you have to be careful; infections during healing, bleeding, swelling, pain, allergy due to piercing, etc. Of course you should always be carefully prepared before you get piercings — check the needle is new and unused, make sure the place you get it done from is hygienic and check with a doctor and a qualified acupuncturist before getting it done.  

These are all the things you should know before getting Daith piercing done when you are looking for effective results for migraine.


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