Find out the top four trending hairstyles this summer and how you can work them to best show off your features.

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Middle part with clips

Source: Society19

This stylish trending hairstyle is all the rage this season as it does wonder to show off your upper facial features. The clips allow you to highlight your eyes or ears, allowing you to pronounce to get that extra flair or clip it closer to your ears to show off by framing your face to emphasize your feminine side. The middle part also highlights your center facial features making your eyes pop. The deadly combination causes your eyes to stand out like never before, which is perfect for the season as Eyes are in this year, making this hairstyle being one of the trendiest ways to style your hair.

Pigtails with bangs

Bangs are in this season because of their ability to emphasize your eyes. By lowering your hairline, all the attention goes towards your eyes which is the name of the game this summer. The pigtails can be used to frame your face to highlight a feminine structure. Or you can raise them to reveal your ears to give off a cute factor. The combination of the two leads to an incredibly cute hairstyle that will catch the eye of everyone in the room.

Braided Tendrils

Source: glamour

The two mini braids are a great stylish choice this year adding a unique flare factor to your aesthetic. This eye-grabbing hairstyle is a subtle difference that most guys won’t notice as to why right away which gives it the drawing power as it by standing out most hairstyles. By having the braids in the front, you give a powerful emphasis on your face, this perfectly matches the season as by doing a half braid, you leave the attention-grabbing part near your eyes emphasizing them. 

Blow out for curtain bangs

Source: mellmotta

This easy blow-drying trick is to die for with the gorgeous curtain bangs that come with it. With bangs being in this season, curtain bangs are a cool and easy twist to add to your morning routine. These work wonders to emphasize your eyes by drawing attention to the area. With the combination of bangs and the attention to your eyes, this hairstyle is one of the trendiest this season.

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