Ariana Grande recently sat down with Zach Sang to discuss new music, including the leaked song “Fantasize.” Keep reading to find out more!

Ariana Grande Fantasize Response

In an interview with Zach Sang, Ariana Grande shared her reaction to “Fantasize” being leaked onto the internet. The singer-songwriter described the leakers as “thieves” and “pirates” and fans who loved it as “hypocrites.”

Ariana Grande Fantasize Leak Response

Grande told Sang, both 30, about her frustrations with the leak. “I’ll see you [the leakers] in jail, literally,”

Ariana explained to the DJ how she originally wrote and recorded the song for a TV show, “that wasn’t for me, it was a parody of a 90s girl group vibe,”

The singer added that she “took the note” and a version of the same song on her upcoming album Eternal Sunshine, “they’re [the ideas of the “Fantasize” songwriting time] very different now,”

Eternal Sunshine Album New Song Yes And Lyrics

Fans were excited by Ariana’s announcement in January about a new album. The album, Eternal Sunshine, features 13 tracks including her hit single, “yes, and?” The music video for the song already has over 45 million views.

The video begins with three people, meant to represent the music industry, in an elevator gossiping about Grande. Upon arriving in a loft area for an art installation, the ‘industry’ members begin dancing and accept Ariana. The song itself is about the struggles of facing undue criticism in the public eye.

Ariana Grande Fantasize Leak Response

The first few lines of the song are “In case you haven’t noticed/Well, everybody’s tired/And healing from somebody/Or something we don’t see just right,”

Are you excited for Ariana Grande’s new album?

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