Ariana Grande Shares Instagram Post Claiming She Is ‘Halfway’ Done With Filming for Wicked

Calling all Ariantors, you’re going to want to see this! Ariana Grande took to Instagram to share a post expressing her gratitude about the project and celebrating the halfway mark of the filming process.

Via Instagram @arianagrande

“halfway, savouring every millisecond left with my Galinda (although she’ll be with me irrevocably, forever). she shows me so many new things every day,” The ‘Positions’ writes.

“I am so grateful, I don’t know what to do or say… to be here in Oz where every day is a life-changing one… to be feeling, learning and growing so much at such a disarming speed… to feel so much love around me, to begin each day before the sun is up and to end after it sets… to hold my brilliant twin flame/sister Cynthia’s beautiful, green hands every day… to work in the safest, most beautiful and loving, biggest-yet-most-intimate/tiny-feeling spaces… to be lead by the most thoughtful, brilliant, compassionate and warmest possible director on this planet, my other Ozian best friend ever Jon…
to be transforming and healing parts of me that I never knew needed it. or maybe did.”

Grande has been in the United Kingdom for over a year now working on this project which has caused fans to rally on Twitter, asking for new music.

“I hope this isn’t all a dream because as present as I am attempting to be, it sure does feel like one.
happy halfway to this most beautiful crew. my fellow Ozians. my heart will be stuck here forever.” She finishes off.

The post received an overfill of love from fans, including fashion model, Gigi Hadid.

Via Instagram @arianagrande

What’s Next For Ariana?

As the ‘Wicked era’ comes to a near end, fans can’t help but wonder… what is next for the pop star?

Since her last release, Positions, fans have been kept on their toes, waiting for any news on a possible tour or album.

Last month, Ariana and The Weeknd broke the charts after releasing their ‘Die For You Remix’ which broke records as expected.

Image Credit: Allure

There has been no word on whether there are any music plans or projects in the works for the ’34 + 35′ singer, but it’s definitely not off the table due to this most recent collab.

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