Fans are concerned about Ariana Grande and her alleged recent weight loss after the star posted a new Instagram series looking thinner than ever.

Fans are growing increasingly concerned over Ariana Grande’s alleged weight loss.

Why has Ariana lost weight?

The star posted this Instagram series promoting her brand, r.e.m. beauty, and fans were quick to notice that the star looks thinner than ever.


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Ariana looks very slender in these new Instagram photos. The star also posted alongside her Wicked co-star, Cynthia Erivo, in this photo- which also had fans concerned. We don’t know why the star looks as if she has recently lost weight, as she has been busy working on Wicked in recent months and has ultimately kept to herself.

Ariana Grande Weight Loss Reddit 2o23

Ariana’s recent weight loss has people talking on the discussion platform, Reddit. Users took to the platform earlier this year to discuss the star’s weight loss after it looked like she had been losing weight.

In this thread, users discussed whether or not Ariana is allegedly going through something that may be affecting her health. Check out one of the comments from the thread below:

“I used to find her to be one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen. I wanted so bad to be her. Now she looks very sick, washed out, and sad to me. If she was someone i’ve never seen before I think I would find her pretty , but the fact that I know this is ariana grande makes me feel differently. I hope she’s alright. “

Ariana Grande Instagram

The star took to social media to promote her brand in a recent Instagram post. The star looks stunning as usual, but fans were quick to take note of her recent alleged weight loss. This sparked a debate in the comment section of her post regarding commenting on someone’s weight.

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Ariana has been pretty quiet on social media lately as she works on Wicked, so she has not addressed her supposed “new look” or recent rumors.

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