From Lizzo’s Baby Yoda costume to The Weeknd’s version of Don Vito Corleone, here are this year’s best and unrecognizable celebrity Halloween costumes. 

Best and Unrecognizable Celebrity Halloween Costume trending celebrity costumes 2021

Halloween is the best holiday there is. Who does not want a day dedicated to chocolates, parties, and dressing up? Besides, I quite like how everyone gets so creative with their costumes. Celebrities are obviously no exception to this. Frankly, if there’s anyone who should wow us with their creativity, it should be them, right? Not that they’re obligated to but Halloween is the one day a year where everyone is allowed to dress up freaky. If I want to see a glam photo of a celebrity, I would just scroll through their Instagram feed. For Halloween though, I want to see face paint, prosthetics, or literally anything that cannot be taken seriously. Below are the best and unrecognizable celebrity Halloween costumes this year.

The Weeknd as Don Vito Corleone 

Best and Unrecognizable Celebrity Halloween Costume the weeknd dressed as don vito corleone, celebrity styles

Photo Credit: The Weeknd via Instagram

The Weeknd has yet again impressed us with his Halloween costume. Last year, he dressed up as Sherman Klump from the movie The Nutty Professor, and this year he wows us with his version of Don Vito Corleone from the movie The Godfather. Complete with prosthetics, wig and tuxedo, the singer was completely unrecognizable! I’m claiming it now: King of Halloween Costumes.

Ariana Grande as the Creature From The Black Lagoon 

Best and Unrecognizable Celebrity Halloween Costume ariana grande halloween costume 2021

Photo Credit: Ariana Grande via Instagram

When I said that celebrities are the ones that should impress us with their Halloween costumes, this is what I mean. The level of dedication and creativity put into costumes like this is amazing! I mean, if you already have a glam team, why not take advantage of that and have yourself a Halloween-themed photoshoot?? I know I would do the same if I were in their position. So when Ariana Grande dressed up the female version of the Creature from the black lagoon while still managing to look hot (peep that cut-crease glam liner!), I just know that THIS is exactly how it should be done. 

Megan Thee Stallion as Hellraiser’s Pinhead

Best and Unrecognizable Celebrity Halloween Costume megan thee stallion dressed as pinhead, celebrity, trending costumes

Photo Credit: Megan Thee Stallion via Instagram

Megan aptly dubbed the holiday as “Hottieween” and who can disagree with her when the Hot Girl Summer ambassadress shows us how it’s done with her gorgeous version of Pinhead. Megan clearly loves Halloween, as evident with her meme-worthy pumpkin head costume. Throughout October, she dressed up as a hot devil and an ethereal fairy proving once more that Hot Girl Summer is not about the season, rather a state of mind. 

Other note-worthy costumes this year are Lizzo’s Baby Yoda costume, Lil Nas X as Voldemort, Mary Beth Barone and Benito Skinner as Kravis and Janelle Monae as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Who are your favourites this year? 

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