Toronto artist Ranbir Sidhu’s seamless modern design highlights the intersectionality of art and technology in unimaginable ways offering a fresh perspective on modern luxury. 

Ranbir’s company, Futurezona, captures the modern-day interpretations of futuristic three-dimensional designs. Every step of his creative mind from conceptualizing furniture and structures, to the intricacies of every manufacturing process that gives life to the pieces, is here. Driven by his passion and ability to translate the functionality of futuristic art, his designs are one-of-a-kind that adds statement in interior representation.

Working with some of the talented and sought-after names in the music industry such as Drake and Jay-Z, Ranbir’s creative vision involves distinctive elements of personality. Each piece designed for a client becomes aligned with their individual style and character underscoring the unique and innovative process of his work. 

Reaching a success aspired by up-and-coming artists alike, Ranbir recounts his journey in materializing a craft characterized by art and technology and discusses his creative visions for design works with Drake and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

HOLR Chats with Ranbir:

What has your journey been like becoming an artist?  How did you start?

That question is interesting to me. There is an implication in it that I may have cultivated a skill over some time that was eventually validated. I’ve never sought ‘artistic’ validation from any source outside of myself.  I’m happy when my clients get joy from my work or appreciate the outcome of our project. I’m also happy when the forms and functionality of the designs in my head materialize.  I’ve been lucky enough to expand the scope of my thoughts and dreams for some years, but these feelings have been with me since my youth, sweeping factory floors and going home to the drafting table in my room. So I guess mine has been a journey from juvenile to mature vision. Does that make an ‘artist’?

How did Futurezona begin?

Futurezona is a place in time that I decided to share many years from now. I recognized that not many people were willing to burn the envelope that they were formerly pushing today, so I set out to light the match for them, starting with functional art furniture, designed with a look that is contemporary to my understanding. Simply put, I wanted to bring an aesthetic from times to come, to the time that is now. Well, maybe not so simple. Eventually, I got a team together and started to execute on some ideas to see what was possible. Soon, collectively, we decided that nothing was impossible and I began production on bringing some elemental future to this present.

What is the engineering process behind the pieces you create, such as the furniture you made for Drake and RocNation?

The process that goes into creating iconic pieces for contemporary giants like Drake or Jay-Z starts with an appreciation for what they do. When I think about the art that they make, the space that they occupy, the things that they represent, and the experiences that shaped them, I develop an understanding of what they might like as a representative art piece. I can move from that thought to creating a titular object that they never knew they needed, and have it serve as a meaningful aid to their everyday lives. They think that I’m reading their minds, but I’ve seen the art with them for ages.  

I choose materials based on the purpose, size, and function of the creation. I’ve designed large sculptures for Drake based on his astrological sign, and gilded tables using his OVO branding.  I’ve developed RocNation tables that borrow from the Marcy Projects that Jay-Z grew up in using glass and gold to shape the housing maze. Our RocNation paper airplane is a continuous form developed with their company’s philosophy in mind. All of our engineering begins with understanding, and end with precision execution.

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