Some things that happen in fashion should be remembered forever. And if you don’t remember, then we’re here to remind you. Starting from 2007, here is a decade-long list of fashion trends you will remember as if it were yesterday.

1. The Skinny Jean Circa 2007.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Kate Moss is permanently remembered in my mind from a photo I saw, with her legs suctioned under patent black skinny jeans. She was seen trekking through mud with her then boyfriend Pete Doherty – his neck was spun with a thin scarf and the couple looked like a pair, strung together in a longitude of slimness. It was this time in 2007 that edgy punk-inspired dress gained a spot in mass fashion.

Ultimately, the front zipper fly is but a patch of baby teeth with competing small proportions at the foot opening. Throw in miniature pockets big enough to hold a transportation token, and you have le skinny jean.

Brands such as Saint Laurent still offer a comparably saucy pair of skin thin trousers here.

2. Chanel 2.55 Ankle Wrist Bag, Spring/Summer 2008.

In 2008, economic wariness sprung in America. Of course the masses needed smaller purses for all the money they had left. Celebrity house arrests (like that of Lindsay Lohan) were the inspiration behind the bag. Constructed of calfskin and stitched with quilted squares, the ankle bag was balanced with Karl Lagerfeld’s classic interlocking C on the closure – only since the 1980s has Chanel added the signature clasp. The bag was finished with a metal and leather woven strap that wrapped the circumference of the wrist or ankle. This was a bonafide hands-free purse for a red-handed fashion forward girl like Lilo.




3. adidas Tiro 15 Training Pants, 2013.

Around 2013, fashion pulled the jogging pant from street style up to high fashion. The training pant accentuated athletic thighs as the silhouette featured a snug taper from the thigh down through the hem. The foot of the pant is functional because the textile used to make most sport pants are knit fabrics to stretch from the size of a peach to a grown man’s ankle. Adidas used a polyester double knit so when it was pulled on, the pant stretched over the ankle joint and talus bone. The silhouette started to taper off when streetwear fashion looked to skate culture for a looser silhouette.

4. Supreme Shoulder Bag, Spring/Summer 2016.

Photo via Supreme

The silhouette: an exaggerated fanny pack. The only difference between this look to previous pack’s was the position on the wearer. The Shoulder Bag was styled at 45 degrees across the torso, whereas the OG ‘90s tourist-dad-with-sunglasses-perched-on-forehead look sat horizontally between the belly button and hips. In 2017 the Supreme shoulder bag gained clout in a collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

5. Alexander McQueen Armadillo Boots, Spring/Summer 2010.

Photo via V&A Museum

The fame of the Armadillo heel from McQueen’s Spring 2010 runway collection hit the masses upon the release of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video. How did one balance on a heel of 12-inch (30 centimetres)? The V&A Museum in London said the shoe was crafted from wood, and as the convex arch atop the foot was hollow, the wearer could comfortably lift their feet.

The heel was inspired by global disaster. McQueen believed rising sea levels would inspire human biology to revamp to sea creatures. Adapt or perish: the Armadillo Boot was an amalgamation of new fashion, politics and science of the time.

6. Vans Old Skool (2017).

According to Vans, their Old Skool shoe (originally knighted as Style 36) debuted in 1977. What is unique about the “Vans look”? Besides the Old Skool’s consistent seven-hole top piece designed for close lacing, the shoe also carries a bed of top stitching along the toe and sides and finishes the airiness with the brand’s signature “sidestripe”. The shoes are deliberately constructed of non melting textiles, like leather or cotton canvas. These textiles can withstand the high heat used to attach the EVA foam sole to the shoe. shows *step by step* how the shoe is put together.