Ashley Benson is reportedly expecting her first child!

Unconfirmed reports say that actress Ashley Benson and her Oil Heir Fiancé Brandon Davis are expecting a child!

Although neither Benson nor Davis have confirmed this news as yet.

Since meeting in January of this year, Benson and Davis’s relationship has seemingly gone from strength to strength.

ashley benson pregnant

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However, sources have revealed to InTouch, claiming that she has been showing since at least September.

“Ashley Benson is pregnant. I don’t know how far along she is, but she has been showing since at least September,” the source revealed.

But the source also said that it’s likely the couple will withhold details until after the birth.

“Her inner circle already knows but I’m not sure she will say anything publicly until the baby is born.”

“But she is pregnant and excited for this new chapter in her life,” the statement concluded.

Ashley Benson’s social media remains quiet on the rumours.

After checking in with Benson on her social media accounts, there have been no word confirmation or otherwise on these latest rumours.

In fact, besides quality time with her adorable pups and enjoying the release of her very own fragrance, there hasn’t been much activity on her accounts.

But make no mistake, people are checking in.

And she doesn’t appear to be hiding much of anything in terms of a baby bump.

But there may be some credit to Benson wearing loose fitting clothes though.


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What about Brandon Davis?

While he and Benson keep their relationship mostly private. People are speculating that the couple are already married.

Especially after the TikTok video that apparently showed a wedding band.

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Well, whether Ashley and Brandon are married and expecting or not remain unconfirmed by the couple.

But if they are, then congratulations all around to Ashley and Brandon.

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