A new documentary on Netflix is taking over the internet- ‘Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal.’ 

So what is it about?

Ashley Madison Netflix

Netflix just released a new documentary titled Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal, which is described below on Netflix’s website:

When a dating site for people seeking adulterous affairs is hacked, millions of users’ intimate data is exposed, wrecking marriages and destroying lives. 

As noted in this related TikTok video by user @ashleyhawat, several celebrities were mentioned in the documentary as outlined in an article by Us Magazine- including Josh Duggar and Jionni LaVelle- who shares 3 children with Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi.


What do you think??

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Ashley Madison Data Breach Leak

As the TikToker explains, Snooki supposedly shut down the rumors at the time that the data breach leak was exposed back in 2015, revealing who had created email accounts on the infamous cheating website (noted here). Christian blogger Sam Rader was also revealed to have created an account on Ashley Madison following the leak, as mentioned in the related article.  Another notable figure who was linked to the scandal is Hunter Biden, son of president Joe Biden. However, Hunter denied these claims alleging that the account was not his and that he was seemingly framed.

Bakc in 2015, the hackers who exposed the data leak reportedly called themselves The Impact Team. They were apparently only interested in having the website shut down as noted here.

Netflix Ashley Madison Doc

The documentary showcases how the hack that led to the data breach leak affected the lives of millions of people and subsequently “destroyed” the lives of those involved.

What are your thoughts on the latest documentary from Netflix?

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