Aubreigh Wyatt’s mom is reportedly being sued after speaking out about what she alleged led to her daughter’s death on social media.

July 11, 2024– Aubreigh Wyatt’s mother, Heather, is reportedly facing a lawsuit following her claims that online bullying led to her daughter, Aubreigh Wyatt’s, death. As noted in this related article, Heather took to social media following her daughter’s death to speak out against cyberbullying, alleging that her daughter was cyberbullied by peers at her school which led to her passing.

However, Heather did not name names or threaten the alleged four girls and one boy supposedly involved. Instead, the internet did some digging and found the alleged girls’ identities and home addresses which started circulating online.

This led to a lawsuit being filed against Heather by the girls’ parents for seemingly wrongfully accusing their daughters of cyberbullying Aubreigh.

As outlined in the related article, the order was supposedly leaked on social media and has been widespread online. It seemingly states that a legal notice was issued to Heather claiming she must “cease further posts that could endanger the girls.” As well, she must “temporarily deactivate her social media accounts” in order to protect any alleged minors involved.

Aubreigh Wyatt Story

How did Aubreigh Wyatt die?

Aubreigh died by suicide back in 2023, and it is alleged that she had been bullied since the 5th grade, as noted here. Following her death, Heather took to social media to speak out against cyberbullying.

Aubreigh Wyatt Doll Video

As outlined in this related article, Heather showed a screenshot that her other daughter Taylor received following Aubreigh’s death, which was reportedly circulating across social media that the alleged bullies were sending around. The screenshot reportedly showed a bloody doll with a noose around its neck.

Aubreigh Wyatt Letters

A video posted online of Heather finding Aubreigh’s letters to her and the family was saddening to watch. While on camera, a grieving Heather had recently discovered Aubreigh’s goodbye letters almost a year after her tragic death, addressed to different people in her life.

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