As the fires continue to rage on in Australia, over 500 million animals have died and over 15 million acres of land have burned. With experts warning the fires will likely burn until March due to the hot conditions, there is no near end in sight for the firefighters working tirelessly. Whether you donate to a fund to help the men and women working the front lines, or to help the communities dealing with the devastation If the bushfires or the wildlife, every little bit counts. Here is a list of 6 reputable organizations to donate to today. Please help any way you can.

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Red Cross Australia

Donate to the Red Cross Disaster relief fund to help the people and the communities that have lost everything in the bushfires. Donate Here.

World Wildlife Fund

With 95% of Koalas gone, the World Wildlife Fund is raising money to help rehabilitate the Koalas that did survive so that they don’t go extinct. A bold plan needs to be put in place for this to happen. Donate Here. 

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NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades

A fundraiser started by comedian Celeste Barber in conjunction with the NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades. All money will go to the men and women on the front lines battling the fires. Donate here.

Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army will channel all of the donations received into helping rebuild the communities lost to the flames. Donate Here.

Victoria’s Country Fire Authority

Donate to the firefighters on the front lines every day in Victoria to help provide them with the necessary equipment to battle the fires. Donate Here.

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Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Koalas are much slower moving than a lot of the other Australian wildlife and need all the help they can get. Port Macquarie hospital has set up a Go Fund Me page to help the Koalas and the habitats devastated by the bush fires. Donate Here.