Bathing suits are very essential but can sometimes be super expensive. Some of us want luxe and simplicity without having to pay unreasonable prices. We shouldn’t have to settle for less when we have a particular taste for more. 

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Also, why spend so much money on something that is potentially harming the environment? Swimwear is often made from petroleum oil-based synthetic materials, which causes pollution and does not biodegrade… That doesn’t sound like so much of a sweet deal.

If you agree with me on this one, let me introduce you to your new favourite swimwear brand that will solve all of these problems. Meet Awai Swim, created by Kayla Larabie. This brand is Canadian-based and completely handmade by Kayla herself. Awai simply started with a love for the ocean and her mother’s sewing machine. Like ourselves, Kayla didn’t want to make the financial commitment to expensive bathing suits but craved the quality of luxe materials and sleek simplistic styles.



After needing a bathing suit, Kayla decided to draw up her own designs and handcraft a few bathing suits of her own. Her friends started to notice, requests started to roll in, and that’s when she became inspired to create Awai Swim. She has complete control over her company, allowing her to choose her own preferred fabrics and size range. Awai’s size range is between XS and XL but if you do not fall within that range, Kayla will kindly customize a suit based on your measurements. 

Not only is Awai Swimwear size-conscious, but they are also environmentally-conscious, which is everything we could have asked for. Kayla features eco-friendly fabrics in her pieces, “I wanted to make sure I was impacting the environment in a positive way, not leaving a massive footprint behind me.” 

The fabrics used are made out of ECONYL nylon and are imported from Italy. The process consists of taking pre and post-consumer plastic and abandoned fishing nets found in the ocean. This content is then recycled and recreated into a fabric that is very similar to virgin nylon—minus the negative environmental impact. Every purchase comes in a 100% compostable shipping bag, which is very eco-forward.

Kayla’s main goal for Awai is plain and simple — for everyone to love and enjoy their bikinis as much as she loves making them. We can confirm that they are easy to love, thanks to the variety of tasteful styles and affordable price range—averaging CAD $35. New styles and colours are constantly being added to the collection, all relating to the same minimal, luxe theme. When ordering, expect to choose your size, colour, and style of choice and let Kayla handle the rest with care.

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