Awai Swim is a Canadian based brand representing the statement of handmade and eco-conscious swimwear. Kayla, the owner, and creator of Awai Swim started by making her own personal sets of swimwear and quickly realized this is exactly what people want. 

Awai Swim is a handmade to order company, meaning that there is no overstock, aka wasted materials. Most products used to make these one-of-a-kind pieces are eco-friendly which means they are made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets, and more. 

The great thing about this Canadian based business is that they are size inclusive and can custom make suits based on your exact measurements with no extra fees. The styles you choose can be customized as well, based on certain preferences like lengthening or shortening the width of a top, or making bottoms more or less cheeky (hello!) 

Awai Swim stands for more than just cute, eco-friendly swimwear. It is a brand that wants its customers to wear what they feel comfortable in, like being able to adjust the style of a piece to fit your body’s needs. 

It is also a brand that represents equality, showing their products being worn by different women of colour, race, and even body type. A brand like Awai Swim is a great representation of what new companies should be considering when starting up. From creating pieces from recycled materials to making sure their carbon footprint is reduced, Awai Swim should definitely be on your radar! Make sure to follow Awai on Instagram to keep up to date on the latest drops.

Awai Swim ships worldwide and includes free shipping within Canada and the US. As their swimwear is eco-conscious, so is their shipping packaging, which is biodegradable aka zero waste. Check them out and #LetsGetAwai.