In Bollywood Ayushmann Khurrana is a multi-talented actor.

Ayushman Khurrana is a very talented actor in Bollywood. Today, Ayushman Khurrana is celebrating his birthday with his wife Tahira- he turned 39. The actor marked another year of his life and many more to come. He got many wishes from family and friends, including wife Tahira Kashyap’s birthday wish for her beloved husband. She is a writer, filmmaker, and strength of Ayushman Khurrana.

This hero is multi-talented and apart from his acting he is very well known for his more talents-just like writing poetry. Ayushman is very good at poetry writing. For instance, one of his poems reads, “Tum ho zindagi ke khush rang yaad rakhne mein maahir, Par afsos tumhara main hee hoon. Bahut se aayenge jaayenge Sahir. Par Imroz tumhara main hee hoon.”

Radio Jokey– Before he became an actor and the musician his fans as today. Ayushman was a Radio Jockey. Only at the age of 22, he started his career in showbiz by hosting the breakfast show which made them very famous.

Host– Ayushman makes his fans happy by making his career as a host, also. He hosts so many shows and award functions.

Singer, Live Performer–  There is no one here who is not aware of his singing- he is a very good singer. He also has a band called Ayushman Bhava and he has always been a rockstar on stage. This is because he splits this time from acting to spending time singing with his band.

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