The Bachelor star Daisy Kent recently posted a TikTok video that people think is a hard launch of her alleged boyfriend! 

According to this new TikTok video posted by Daisy here (@daisyykent), fans think that she is revealing her boyfriend!


day 2 vibes #stagecoach

♬ original sound – HEX

In the video, Daisy is playfully syncing a sound with her clip, and featured in the video- joining her- is a man who fans think is her boyfriend- as you can see by the comment section.

Now, we do not know who the man in the video is, and Daisy has not confirmed this alleged news involving a new boyfriend. Daisy was one of the contestants of Joey’s season of The Bachelor, in which she made it to the final two before he chose Kelsey.

Even though it has yet to be confirmed regarding whether or not Daisy has a new boyfriend, what are your thoughts on this TikTok video that went viral?

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Image Credit: @daisyykent TikTok, Instagram

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