AJ McLean‘s Marriage to Rochelle Karidis Are Officially Over

AJ McLean and his wife Rochelle McLean have decided to amicably end their 12-year marriage.

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After first announcing their legal separation nearly a year ago, the longtime couple have parted ways.

But make it clear they want to move forward in a “healthy” way for the sake of their daughters.

aj mclean family

Credit Image: @rochelle_deanna

AJ McLean Relationships

The former husband and wife duo each made a separate but joint Instagram announcement,

“As you all know we have been separated for over a year now,” the statement read.

“While we have hoped for reconciliation, we have decided to officially end our marriage.”

Continuing on, the couple emphasised the deep love and connection they share, not just spiritually but also their two children.

The couple share daughters Elliott, 11, and Lyric, 6.

aj mclean relationships

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“It is with deep love and respect that we have made this decision, our focus now is moving forward in the healthiest possible way with friendship and coparenting our girls at the forefront of this next chapter.”

Afterward, AJ and Rochelle ended their joint statement by thanking fans for their kindness and asked to respect their privacy during this transition.

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Backstreet Boys Now

While his marriage may be over, the boy band legend is kept busy, primarily by his children.

Meanwhile, AJ has kept relatively low profile in terms of projects but in a recent interview on Dec 23, confirmed the band would not be touring for some time.

“Backstreet are taking a well needed break,” he said.

We’re taking about a year off, we have a couple of one-off things coming up,” AJ explained.

“We have our Cancun trip coming up next April, which essentially is like the Backstreet Boys cruise, except now it’s a destination.”

Well, that’s cool and hope you enjoy it AJ.

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