Why did AJ McLean and his wife Rochelle McLean separate?

Eight months after the couple announced their separation, AJ McLean revealed he and Rochelle are doing better.

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean shared a relationship update on Nov. 7 episode of Cheryl Burke’s Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans podcast.

aj mclean relationship update

Credit Image: AJ McLean Instagram

And the singer was happy to report that he and Rochelle are seeing a ‘couples’ therapist‘- separately he clarified.

But what sparked the breakdown in the first place?

While the couple did not reveal details of their separation at the time, they did state that it was to “work on themselves and toward a better future.”

So, it is wonderful that this time apart seems to be having a positive effect.

However, McLean also may have revealed part of their relationship breakdown.

McLean said he gained some clarity during this time period and has become more understanding of his wife’s hardships.

“Normally I would twist it and make it about me,” he revealed.

“Not anymore. By us kind of approaching things that way, it’s been much, much healthier.”

It is wonderful when couples make the most of help like this and although not easy, McLean seems determined to do right by his family.

As he should.

“It’s taken this time apart for us to really do some serious growing and understanding and listening.”

Are AJ and his wife still together?

Well, it would seem so, and the amount of effort put into rebuilding a healthier life together is honourable.

And McLean emphasised that the two are communicating more and that they have been spending more time together.

“We just have to rebuild something that was never there from the beginning,” McLean stated.

Perhaps communication, understanding and teamwork is what they needed?

And all of this on behalf of not only their relationship but their two children Elliott, 10 and Lyric, 6.

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Credit Image: Rochelle Deanna Instagram

Glad to see AJ and Rochelle are moving towards a healthier life for their family.

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