Baltimore Keybridge Collapse Video

Tragedy struck last night in Baltimore when the Keybridge collapsed after being hit by a cargo ship. A search is currently underway to locate at least 6 people who are feared to have fallen into the river below. Two of the missing people were rescued overnight. The Francis Scott Key Bridge extends over the Patapsco river and was hit late last night by a 948-foot-Dali container ship.

How Did The Cargo Ship Hit The Baltimore Bridge?

The cargo ship that hit Keybridge is so large that any safety measures that would have tried to prevent this tragedy were ineffective. Crew members of the cargo ship had notified authorities in the morning that they were having power issues. After the cargo ship collided with the bridge, a video shows the bridge snapping and falling into the river below.

At the time of the accident, there was a construction crew working on fixing potholes on the bridge. The cargo ship that crashed into the bridge was on its way to Sri Lanka from Maryland.

Were There Cars on The Baltimore Bridge

Following a mayday call and the collapse of the bridge, authorities were able to prevent cars from continuing on the bridge. The Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that the call had saved lives. It does not appear that any cars were on Keybridge at the time of the accident. We hope that the remaining missing people are found expeditiously.

Published by HOLR Magazine.