Now it’s about time that we talk about women in sports, and Alannah Della Vedova, Director at FanDuel, is joining us today to do just that.

FanDuel has recently stepped into women’s sports and is supporting the equity of women not only in sports but in Canada as a whole.  Alannah Della Vedova, Director, Content Activations and Brand at FanDuel, is sitting down with HOLR to talk about the amazing efforts FanDuel is taking and how it values the importance of supporting this growth.

Keep reading to find out more about Alannah Della Vedova as she discusses her role at FanDuel and her growth as an industry leader.

What is FanDuel all about? 

FanDuel is a sports and entertainment betting platform that focuses on tapping into moments that are relevant and interesting to everyone, sports fans or not. The app and desktop versions both offer fun and responsible ways to interact with sports cultural moments. FanDuel is constantly creating unique opportunities for people to get involved—with anything from your typical sports game (women’s sports included), to your less conventional bets like who the next Toronto mayor might be, Oscars results, or the opening song of Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show. FanDuel sportsbook and casino are available in Canada to Ontario residents. 

Talk to us about your journey with the brand, as well as your role as a Director, Content Activations, and Brand at FanDuel. 

It’s been very exciting bringing the FanDuel brand to Ontarians. Our team has been able to build a product that deepens fandom, and is entertaining and inclusive. Through our partnership with TSN, we’ve been able to authentically integrate within the sports conversation, adding value to fans through stats, data, and conversational odds. Having Canadians work on the brand, local relevance has been woven into all our markets and communication; with odds on the next head coach of the Toronto Raptors and the next Leafs General Manager, or the Toronto weather on Canada Day, to name a few examples. 

Personally, it’s been extremely rewarding to see how strong our Canadian team is and what we’ve been able to accomplish within our first year of legalization. We’re constantly innovating and looking for ways to enhance the player experience. 

Speaking of FanDuel’s partnership with WBNA- which recently hosted its first-ever game in Canada- how do you think that it’s going to impact the sporting scene in Canada, especially in women’s sports? 

The WNBA Toronto game was such an amazing and monumental cultural moment for women in Canada. This game—from the excitement leading up to it to the energy at Scotiabank arena—has definitely proven that there is an appetite for the WNBA in Canada and that women’s sports as a whole deserves to be given the broadcast time, sponsorship, and investment here in Canada. I definitely think this game was an inspiration for young girls and a way to bring the conversation around the need for more women’s sports in Canada to the forefront. 

Our audience would like to know what other initiatives FanDuel supports besides the equity of women in sports. 

Our team is committed to putting in the work and supporting the growth of women’s sports and women in sports, through meaningful partnerships and initiatives, including sponsorship of the ESPNW Summit and the Canadian Women & Sport’s latest research study that looks at the potential for women’s pro sport in Canada. FanDuel believes in creating an environment that is welcoming and encouraging for everyone to be part of, both within the sports industry and other male-dominated industries. It’s so important to understand and acknowledge this gap for women in leadership, and our team believes we can use our platform to encourage and welcome more women to join the table, no matter what industry you work in. 

As industry leaders, FanDuel always puts responsible gaming first, focusing on creating ways for people to safely and responsibly have fun. Everything from our product offering, to our marketing strategy and ads, to our employee training and internal mandate. Since our Ontario launch in April 2022, FanDuel has continued to support responsible gaming initiatives and research studies and is constantly working to ensure our consumers are kept safe. 

How does FanDuel differ from other I-gaming platforms currently available in Canada?

Our team really focuses on creating unique experiences that, as mentioned, connect with people within and outside of the sports world. FanDuel was the first sportsbook to offer odds on the Toronto Mayoral election—it’s these out-of-the-box offerings that allow people to get involved with locally relevant, cultural moments happening around them in fun and safe ways.

Published by HOLR Magazine.