A couple who allegedly looked like they got a little too adventurous under a blanket at a park in New York are going viral.

Battery Park Blanket Couple

According to this TikTok video posted by user @ripleysimone, a couple who went viral for allegedly getting too adventurous underneath a blanket at Battery Park in NYC has reportedly been exposed.


what is happening in nyc?? #greenscreenvideo #blanket #blanketcouple #fyp #funny

♬ Dolce Nonna – Wayne Jones & Amy Hayashi-Jones

Couple Under The Blanket

In the video, the now-viral couple can be seen removing a blanket and sitting up in New York City’s Battery Park. As the TikToker in the above clip explains, the duo started circulating online after this video went viral on the platform seemingly showing a duo rolling around underneath a blanket at a busy park.

The video- which now has over 40 million views- was posted by user @girlsorwomen.


only in new york #newyorkcity

♬ Dolce Nonna – Wayne Jones & Amy Hayashi-Jones

New York Blanket Couple

The caption claims “trying to enjoy a beautiful sunday afternoon in nyc…” and the video pans to individuals seemingly rolling around underneath a blanket. As TikToker @ripleysimone above notes, this footage was captured at a park where families and children were present. Even though the actions of those underneath the blanket were not shown, people assumed that the pair were getting frisky or adventurous.

However, according to the comment section, another alleged POV of the scene allegedly showed that the pair may have actually been “doing it” underneath the blanket. Again, this remains unconfirmed.

The couple in the video has not come forward to address the alleged online claims regarding the viral videos. 

What are your thoughts on this alleged couple being exposed?

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Image Credit: @ripleysimone TikTok, @girlsorwomen TikTok

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