Loring is a New York-based womenswear brand creatively designed by Long Xu. Long Xu is a Parsons New School for Design alumni, and who’s graduation collection debuted at NYFW and was selected in the final 8 for H&M’s design award in 2016. 

Loring’s fall/winter 2022 collection is based on geometric shapes, bright colours and definition and plays with the female silhouette. Some collection pieces are shown to accentuate the female figure while others play with the idea of shapes and use the pattern design for the shape of the garment. 

Loring and Long Xu have created a collection that inspires new paths in female fashion and is taking the luxurious womenswear brand to a level that nobody else is on. 

Look 3:

model wearing blue jean geometic dress


Playing with geometric shapes in their patterns, this jean button-down dress, follows the shape of the female figure but also accentuates some of the more predominant features. Puff sleeves allow for the garments to look full, while the mid-thigh and cinched waist give shape to the garments. 

Look 10:

Model wearing squared geometic dress


Back to the idea of no shape, the garment itself is not what is known to be flattering for a female figure, the squared shoulders on this dress allow the garment to perfectly flow in an almost rectangle shape on the female figure, but the geometric pattern allows for some shape to be given to the person wearing the garment. 

Look 25: 

Model wearing blouse and trouser with lilac shapes


V neck blouse and wide-leg suit pants have a matching geometric pattern in a lilac colour. The blouse has a structured shoulder with a necktie and allows for the female figure to stand out as it draped the body. The pants are flattering and stylish with the wide-leg and long hem, allowing for elegance and fashion. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine