The singer opened up about meeting the K-pop star for the first time.

As Bebe Rexha told PEOPLE, the first time meeting the Tomorrow x Together member Soobin left her thinking he is “an angel”. After hanging out at her L.A. home, she later expressed her positive impressions on meeting her “biggest fan”, as Soobin often called himself.

Soobin responds to Rexha tweet.

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“First of all, Soobin is the cutest human being I’ve ever met. He’s an angel, and he’s so handsome — and so tall! I was like, ‘Wow.’ I felt so short,” Rexha said. “I invited him to my house in L.A. He was so sweet. He was so nervous.” she added.

The singer recalled the gift the K-pop had brought her and the note he had written that let her know how nervous he felt about their meeting. “He wrote me the sweetest note on a TXT CD. I love him,” she said. “The note said something like, ‘I am so nervous to meet you. You’re my favorite pop star.'” Bebe added.

Bebe Rexha and Soobin met for the first time in real life.

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When asked about future collaborations, Rexha stated she is considering a potential collaboration with TXT. “I’m interested in doing a collab with [TXT] for sure.” she said. “A lot of people have been asking about collaborations. A lot of times, for me, it’s really important to have a relationship and be a friend with the person that I’m collaborating with, so it comes out more naturally,” the singer mentioned.

Bebe Rexha Songs

Her recent collaboration with David Guetta, I’m Good (Blue) quickly became a hit and received a Grammy nomination for best dance/electronic recording. In a recent chat with PEOPLE, Bebe Rexha opened up about the success of the song. “It’s just so crazy, so unexpected. We wrote the song just for fun, and then here we are at the Grammys, nominated — literally just like that!” the singer, 33, confessed.

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