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Bella Poarch is no stranger to the spotlight, with millions of followers on TikTok and a burgeoning career in the music industry. But there was one aspect of her life that she managed to keep hidden from the public eye, her secret marriage to Tyler Poarch, which ended in divorce in 2022.

In a surprising turn of events, fans were caught off guard by the news of Bella’s divorce. After all, she had never publicly acknowledged her marriage, leaving her admirers in shock and, in some cases, anger. The backlash from some of her followers was so intense that she decided to take a lengthy break from social media.

Bella Porch Husband Photo

Bella Poarch Husband Photo Revealed

Fast forward to 2023, and Bella Poarch made a comeback in the music scene, releasing her latest song, “Crush,” in September. But what really had fans talking was her recent appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, where she opened up about her secret marriage and the reasons behind her divorce.

Bella revealed that she met her ex-husband while both were serving in the military. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and they got engaged just months after making things official. Bella described both of them as “introverts,” and she claimed to be her husband’s very first girlfriend.

Did Bella Poarch Cheat on Her Husband

But the big question on everyone’s mind was whether Bella had cheated on her “secret husband.” Rumors circulated in 2021 that Bella was dating rapper Tyga, as the two were seen in numerous TikTok videos together and dancing to the rapper’s songs. The situation intensified with the alleged release of an intimate tape involving the two, even though the video was never confirmed to exist. Bella addressed these rumors, asserting that they were false and that she and Tyga were just friends.

Bella Poarch Divorce

In November 2022, Bella filed for divorce from Tyler, using her maiden name, Denarie Bautista Taylor, and requesting no spousal support. This revelation not only unveiled her hidden marriage but also disclosed her real last name, which was different from what her fans knew her as. According to court documents, Bella married Tyler in 2019.

While Bella managed to keep her marriage a secret, she did open up about her previous dating experiences and life in the United States Navy. She enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17 to escape her harsh adoptive home, an experience she described during an interview on the H3 Podcast.

Bella’s revelation on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast marked a significant moment in her journey as an influencer, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of the private life she had been guarding so closely. Her story is a testament to the complexities of life behind the camera and the struggles that even social media superstars face in their personal relationships.

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