To ace any game or sports, it is important that we understand the game first and the most important thing is practicing that game or sports. As we all know, “practice makes a man/woman perfect”. All of us want to become perfect in our fields, whether it is a game, studies, sketching or drawing, driving some vehicles, swimming, etc. We always try our level best to become a professional in that particular thing. When in the making of that professional we have to make sure that we are doing enough practice of it. Also, we have to make sure that we indulge enough time practicing that particular thing.

Today we’ll discuss the best 07 tips for becoming a better pool player easily:

Choose the cue

Choosing the right cue for a pool game is very important. One should check carefully the tip of the cue that it is not missing or uneven. Make sure the cue you pick to play the game is straight, it should not be bent from anywhere. One can use custom pool cues to make their game better.

Understand the grip

The player must understand the grip of the cue. Holding the cue in the right way is one of the beginner’s rules. If you are holding your cue too tightly, then that’s not the right way. One should learn to hold the cue light and loose, which will make your game better.

Work on your stance

One should understand that their stance while taking a shot is very important. One should learn how to put front and rear feet. One should try and maintain an angle of 45 degrees between the two feet. Just make sure it is stable and comfortable to take the shot.

Choosing your shot

We must draw an imaginary aiming line before we take any shot. One should not attempt any complicated angle if we have simple shots to take. Choosing the right shot is very important to make your game better.

Usage of cross rest

One should know when to use cross rest while taking a shot. It is important to use the rest when you think you are struggling to reach for a shot. It is not that difficult to use as it will only replace your thumb while taking a shot.

Watch your opponent

This is as important as other tips that you watch your opponent carefully. Though watching your opponent won’t improve your game directly, but you’ll be able to understand his/her moves, and accordingly, you can take your shot, and that way it will increase your chances to win.

Control over speed

One should be careful enough when they take a shot that they should understand the speed of the ball so that they can hit it with cue accordingly. It should be accurate enough that the ball should go straight into the pocket.

These tips will help you to ace the game perfectly. All you need is to follow these tips and practice enough.

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