In the spirit of fall and winter, our wardrobe needs to be changed to boots, loafers and suedes to accommodate the seasonal change.

So here are the best fall/winter shoes to wear and to avoid: 


Avoid Ankle Boots with Stiletto Heels:

We all love our ankle boots, but it is advisable to stay clear of Stiletto especially if it is higher than the recommended heel height of one and a half inches. So go for an ankle boot with a chunky heel as the higher the heel, the shorter strides, which means more pressure on the balls of your feet. This throws off your center of gravity, putting unnecessary stress on your knees and lower back.


Avoid Sock Sneakers:

Sock sneakers have been the latest fall trendy look, but these sneakers are not recommended as it gives no support to the ankle and can lead to an ankle sprain. Also, considering the weather it is not ideally suitable footwear.


Recommend Wearing Loafers:

Loafers are a cool flat-shoe option when you want something more polished than sneakers as they are seen as an A+ for being good to your feet, great for shock absorption, does not bend easily, and have more support surrounding the sides and top of the foot, which in turn will result in less foot pain which gives you the more reason to add a pair of timeless loafers to your wardrobe.

Avoid Western Boots with a Narrow Toe:

Cowboy boots flooded the scene last fall, so chances are high that you own a pair. But they are not good for our feet due to the narrow toe box as it is not the natural shape of the foot, so the big toe is going to exacerbate a bunion, cause hammertoes, and irritate neuromas. If you must purchase a Western shoe, search for one with a square or wider toe box.

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Wear Square – Toe Boots: 

So instead of western boots with a narrow toe, go for square-toe boots as they are easier on your feet than you will find on any other boots.  it is also of this fall trendy look.

Published on HOLR Magazine.