As summer comes close, autumn weddings are just around the corner. It’s the time when the warm breeze replaces by cool air along with the crisp falling leaves that mark the season between summer and winter. If you’re one of the nearly-wed couples who chose to tie the knot in autumn, we rounded up the best autumn 2022 wedding trends for you.

Bold Colours

Big, dramatic, and loud colors are popular for modern couples in autumn. It opens doors to making fun and exciting statements memorable for everyone. You can have moody decor, splashes of dark colors mixed with pastel palettes, or even neon on every corner of the reception.

Millennials and Gen Z nearly-weds are the primary enthusiasts of non-traditional themes. Nowadays, white isn’t the only color for a wedding dress. Hardcore liberal partners opt for black motifs for the wedding to make extraordinary matrimony. Yes, sticking to an all-white ensemble is a thing of the past.

Destination Wedding Elopements

There’s a surge in destination weddings, all thanks to the cold, unforgiving climate autumn brings—lovers who want to wed between September and December book flights away from the chilly weather. Most of them travel to tropical countries with their small entourage. 

Moreover, a destination wedding is one of the best trends to combine budget and pleasure. Yes, it might be a little pricey versus a local wedding, but it’s just a tiny increase in funding compared to a bland local union. It provides an intimate romantic affair as only the most important people are invited. You’ll get to enjoy a majestic view minus the annoying relatives. Sometimes airline companies give discounts or promos for couples too.

Bride Subscription Boxes

Popular subscription boxes include vitamins, socks, snacks, face masks, meal preps, gadgets, and even craft materials. Well, how about something related to weddings? 2022 autumn wedding trends give a whole new meaning to the words “package” and “courier.” Bride subscription boxes provide the thrill of receiving a gift and the heartfelt tear-jerking moment of seeing what’s inside. 

Many contemporary wedding planners use popular bride subscription boxes to help grooms make their soon-to-be wives feel special. Inside each box contained the essential items of every stage of their love story until the day he asked her hand in marriage. It’s sweet, thoughtful, and heart-melting.

Whimsical Vintage Theme Wedding

Mix a fairytale wonderland navy blue wedding theme with old timeless pieces to create an autumn 2022 whimsical vintage wedding. It features stunning florals, iconic decors, aesthetic centerpieces, and infectious smiles. Going the vintage route gives you more options for your wedding favors, invitation ideas, and creative wedding elements.

Additionally, a sage green bridesmaid dress is an excellent selection for this theme. This design brings an elegant and delicate aura that suits the bridesmaids. Of course, the bride should wear a white wedding dress with a touch of vintage mauve on her bouquet. Whimsical vintage theme wedding is famous for its dreamy atmosphere that won’t break the bank as couples blend wonderland with classic elements.

Boho Wedding Dress

Boho is a booming wedding trend in any season. For autumn, the bride can wear a boho wedding dress with loose-fitting silhouettes, flutter sleeves, and an off-the-shoulder design. The concept of boho is to bring a more laid-back atmosphere to a romantic affair. 

Since the bride is wearing an unfussy slip dress, the bridesmaids and guests can also wear the same but more in muted tones. The couple can opt for a garden wedding as the theme should reflect its close relationship with nature.

Food Trucks and Niche Bars

Nearlyweds get more and more creative with their wedding planning. 2022 has brought us a new trend in food trucks and niche bars. It may be because catered dinners were so five years ago, or the buffet table seems too stiff for today’s generation, but what makes this trend stand out is how this autumn trend excites guests to dine and lounge longer in the reception.

Food trucks and niche bars can also be personalized where different ideas are possible, like a candy bar, veggie bar, pretzel bar, mini coffee shop (hello caffeine addicts!), doughnut bar, wine bar, and more. It depends on what the couple wants to make the big day more memorable.

Autumn 2022 Wedding Trends

There is nothing wrong with following trends for a wedding. Doing so may even save the couple time and energy from wedding planning as these fads can instantly make any nuptial extraordinary.

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