Toronto’s evolving urban atmosphere has brought amongst a variety of creative individuals showcasing their talents in the arts and culture realms – and has had an immense impact on the artists’ communities throughout Canada.

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Can you imagine a world without art? It’s a form of expression and communication, and often speaks louder than words. Art communicates ideas, perception, philosophies, culture, and generates emotion.  Thanks to the rise of the digital era, it’s been easier for creatives everywhere to share their visions and talents with the world. Digital media has also had an influence on millenial creatives as it allows ideas to be shared and flourish, paving a path for inspiration and new visions to be created with different urban elements such as architecture, landscapes, fashion, music, etc.

With the evolving digital realm, photography has become an immensely important element in all aspects to communicate themes, ideas, and certain aesthetics through visual design. Here are 5 Toronto-based creatives that you should most definitely collaborate with.


Monica Thi 

Monica Thi is a filmmaker and photographer, and has developed expertise in art direction. Currently the creative director of Mimp Magazine, this young female artist applies her talents to portraits, editorials, and multi-media projects. Check out her work at or her instagram, @monica.thi


Dragan Andic 

Say Less @roywoods ?

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This rising creative from Toronto is one to pay attention to. Dragan Andic, a.k.a The.97,  is a multidisciplinary artist with an extensive skill set, from expertise in creative direction, fashion editorial photography, and branding for musical artists. Heavily involved in the Toronto hip-hop scene, this talented photographer has shot the likes of Roy Woods, The Weeknd, and Nav. Peep his site at – or his instagram handle @the.97



Justin Abernethy


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This particular talented Toronto creative, Justin Abernethy, has his sights focused on capturing the vibrancy of urban lifestyles and landscapes. He captures city vibes and elements through shooting its people and places. His visuals range from concert photography, landscapes, cityscapes, to fashion and lifestyle photography. Learn more about his work at or his instagram @nethyj




Pat Ryder 


Characterized by his cool clean aesthetics and particular use of light, Pat Ryder is a Toronto creative on the rise. His minimalist portraits and vintage-looking film shots are definitely are visually pleasing and ones to take a look at. See more and collab with Pat at or @patryderr


Jennifer Bin 

Waiting game.

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Jennifer Bin is a multi-talented artist, photographer, and designer. Based in Toronto and Shanghai, Jennifer brings a unique element to her the art world through her varying styles of futuristic, minimal and modern photography. Take a look at her visuals at @jenniferbin.



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