We’re all looking forward to a new era of eating out. With the worst of it behind us, there is little that gives us more comfort than a delicious meal to enjoy some of our newly found freedoms. Although we all have our tried-and-true places to eat, finding a new place to experience is a part of the joys of eating in Toronto. To find the best places to dine in T.O., turning to people who have tried everything there is to eat in the city can provide promising results.

Toronto is lucky to have locals who have documented their experiences in almost every eatery, whether it is up-and-coming, well-known, or a hidden gem. If you’re looking for the best place to dine in Toronto, here are some of the top blogs to follow. 


It wouldn’t be a list of Toronto-based blogs if blogTO isn’t mentioned. The online publication is essentially the standard for finding anything in or about the city. It is impossible to be left questioning where to eat if you are scrolling through blogTO – they have reviews for thousands of restaurants in Toronto, as well as a search engine that can find you a place to eat based on criteria like the type of food you are looking for, the area you are in, and the service you want. Through their strong relationship with the city, blogTO’s reviews highlight the background of the restaurant, the food they serve, and even the prices of certain menu items. It’s the perfect place to find your perfect meal. 

Toronto’s Finest

TO’s Finest is arguably the most popular Toronto food Instagram page to follow. They cover just about everything you could possibly need to know about food in Toronto. Looking for a dine-in restaurant? Yup. What about some amazing street food, They have that too. Looking for amazing pictures of food offered in local restaurants? Check. Want updates on new restaurants? They’ve got it. Looking for some jaw-dropping food/gift card giveaways and discount codes? You guessed it. There is literally no reason not to follow TO’s Finest. 

chocolate covered waffles

Photo Credits: TasteAtlas

Toronto Food Blog

Another classic online blog about Toronto food, Toronto Food Blog has been documenting the best restaurants in the city for years. There are some wonderful reviews of restaurants, as well as lists of the best places to visit if you have a certain meal in mind. Taking a peek at their Instagram page, you can see some of the most delicious looking food from a variety of culinary backgrounds. If you want the input of someone who appears to have eaten at every restaurant in Toronto, Toronto Food Blog is the place to look. 

Dished Toronto

Dished Toronto is the Instagram page for the food and beverage section of the massively popular online publication Daily Hive Toronto. If there is anything that will convince you to follow this blog, it will be this: never ending pictures of the most beautiful food you have ever seen. The aesthetic is the dream of just about any food lover in the world but might leave you craving anything from the cheesiest pizza to the chocolatiest cookies. They cover foods from all over the GTA and also feature some amazing giveaways to keep an eye out for. 

Photo Credit: Toronto Life


There is no end to the wonder of TorEats. The Instagram page started as the founder’s humble collection of food photographs and has grown into a community of food enthusiasts who are ready to share the most amazing places to find some grub. TorEats’ food guides and giveaways are fantastic, their map allows you to see where some of the best places to eat are located, and they even have a curation service for any events you want to throw. Basically, anything you need involving food, TorEats has your back. 

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