It’s unlikely you hear a clothing brand is run by a professional athlete, but former NHL player Ville Leino proved otherwise. Not only is the Finnish clothing brand, Billebeino, covered in the highly valued streetwear media brand, Highsnobiety, but also the founder, Leino’s artwork, which started it all.

The feature of Ville Leino’s brand with Highsnobiety showcases the brand’s competence with many other clothing brands as it is one that streetwear lovers should be on the lookout for. Further, Billebeino’s commitment to implement sustainable practices through responsible manufacturing in partnership with Pure Waste, attracts consumers looking to minimize their environmental footprint.

Image From: Billebeino

Inspired by sports and arts, Billebeino’s classic collection is made of 100% recycled materials with no water wasted and saving over 602 million litres of water.

Billebeino’s collaboration with Highsnobiety showcases the brand’s rise internationally and the article can be found here

Image From: Billebeino

Known to encompass and keep-up with the latest fashion, design, music, and entertainment, Highsnobiety’s various platforms from “digital and print media” to “a full-fledged creative agency” expand their outreach to a mass youthful audience interested in the latest trends. 

Many of the brands famously known and worn by many globally were also featured on the Highsnobiety media which included New Balance, Louis Vuitton and Levi’s. 

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