Made-in-Canada brand Truand Truand, a sustainable, transparent, and ethical clothing brand that is revolutionizing women’s fashion by offering limited edition pieces.

Meet the founder of Truand Truand– Nancy Caouette. HOLR is sitting down to chat with Nancy about Truand Truand’s mission to create sustainable women’s clothing, produced in Quebec by local seamstresses.

Launched last summer, the brand was born out of a desire to make stylish, casual clothing for women who don’t feel represented by the fashion world, which values youth and doesn’t offer inclusive sizes.

As a successful entrepreneur, you launched your first sustainable clothing brand, Little Yogi. Tell us about the journey to founding your second brand, Truand Truand.

It was the desire to go for something more experimental. To express my creativity freely and to be able to go further into the design process. Dare a little bit more. It was also the idea of putting the woman forward. The woman who is more assumed – one who wants to dress as she wants to and to feel represented. Additionally, when I hit thirty – I felt the complete opposite of what is usually expected. All the cliché messages about a woman in her thirties basically all put us in the same box, ”the mature woman” – but I never felt so good in my body and in my head. I dare more than I had ever before. I am free of constraints and gender stereotypes. And yet, I feel that most clothing brands are aimed at young adults. I still want to dress with style, to explore. My body and personality are not something to hide. 

I feel much, much more concerned about the status of women. I want to be able to contribute. To make the reflection advance. To make mine grow. Truand Truand is a medium to reach other women. To rise together.

What are some of the products we can shop from Truand Truand

We offer casual ready-to-wear clothes that fit any body type. From dresses to shorts, sweaters, shorts, and pants, our line is playful, functional, and feminine. The designs are all ours and I love each one of them, but my favourite piece is the ski set. Made from 100% recycled fleece, this is the most comfortable but most stylish piece. Nothing has been overlooked in terms of quality. It’s a very high-end garment, at an affordable price for a complete set. 

Sustainability practices are at the core of Truand Truand. Can you talk to us about how the brand integrates sustainability, transparency, and ethics into its processes and pieces?

Transparency is one of our strongest values. We believe that our customers are aware, curious, and intelligent people, who want to make smart purchases. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to translate our values through the products. This is why we indicate the origin of each material used for each piece available: from the zipper to the label strap. We want people to go further in their purchasing process. Buy with conscience and awareness. Be proud to wear and support a brand. Contribute to change the practices of fast fashion and ”disposable trends”.

We try to work with the cleanest raw materials available in the market. But we also keep in mind that sometimes, using locally available materials can have greater ecological advantages than having raw materials made in foreign markets (energy, water, transportation). This is also why we try to think outside the box by collaborating with other designers and brands in Canada.

How does the brand support the Canadian Women’s Foundation?

Truand Truand is all about inclusivity and transparency. We also want to actively support our community and that includes helping women in need. Truand Truand donates 10% of all sales generated online to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. This is a way to be involved and engaged both environmentally and socially.

Where can we shop for Truand Truand products?

Online on our website: 

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