Billie Eilish rocked the Coachella main stage on April 16, making her the youngest headliner in the music festival’s history.

“I should not be headlining this s–t!” Billie, 20, told the crowd, according to multiple reports. “But I’m so f–king grateful that I’m here and that you guys are all here. This is such a dream come true.”

During her performance, Eilish performed songs such as “When the Party’s Over,” “Everything I wanted,” and “Happier Than Ever.” She also presented two surprise guests, Khalid and Damon Albarn. Eilish performed the track “Lovely” with Khalid, and recited “Getting Older,” and a cover of Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.” Albarn is the frontman of “Blur,” “Gorillaz,” “The Good,” and “The Bad and the Queen.”

Billie ended her set by saying, “Thank you Coachella! I’m sorry I’m not Beyoncé. I love you, goodnight.”

Eilish previously took the spotlight at Coachella in 2019, starting her “When we All Fall Asleep” tour. She headlined the event on the second day this time around in an historic manner. Eilish was only two-years-old when Coachella made its debut 23 years ago, and now she has become the youngest Coachella headliner ever.

The artist has been on a roll of record-breaking streaks recently. She also became the youngest artist to win three awards, an Emmy, Grammy, and Golden Globe for the same song. Eilish wrote the award-winning tune “No Time to Die” for the latest installment of the James Bond franchise.

“For year and years, way before this was even like any sort of possibility in the slightest at all…we would sit down and write Bond songs,” Billie exclusively told E! News on the Oscars red carpet. “Thinking it was the coolest thing.”

It seems as if all of Eilish’s dreams are coming true, and then some.

Billie Eilish leaning back.

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Eilish’s Outfit

The 20-year-old songwriter-singer was dressed in an oversized t-shirt covered in brown graffiti-like lettering for the show. She matched it with a pair of white spandex shorts, also stained with brown, that ended in the middle of her thighs.

Eilish added kneepads to her look that were previously white, but imbued in brown as well. The pads had the Nike logo on it, and she decided to wear white Nike socks, as well as a matching Nike pair of shoes as well.

The singers jet-black hair fell down to her shoulders, and her bangs were covering her eyes as usual. Two small pig tails stood up from the top of her head adding even more life to the already messy hairstyle.

She accessorised her look with a number of chains worn around her neck as necklaces. There was a plethora of silver necklaces, and two pearl necklaces, one pearl necklace with bigger pearls than the other. Eilish also had long gloves that left her fingers uncovered that went up just below her elbows and were stuck tight to her forearms.

Billie Eilish during her performance.

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Eilish’s Movements

The young artist’s outfit wasn’t the only interesting aspect of the performance, as she failed to remain stagnant on stage. Instead, she showed her athleticism with some unique moves.

At one point, the stage was blood red thanks to the lights, and Eilish leaned behind stretching her lower back as far as she could, while standing and keeping her feet planted. The palm of her hands were also flat on the ground behind her.

One more moment saw the seven-time Grammy award winner fall into a crouch. The spotlight was carefully placed on her as she stared down at the stage with her hands put together. What was running through her mind? Who knows.

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