Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing beauty and style hacks and something that is beautiful about Instagram is having the ability to connect with people from all over with all different backgrounds.

The beauty community is brimming with inspirational influencers, creators and experts who have spent countless hours and years perfecting their skills. While there is an abundance of amazing BIPOC influencers to follow, this is just a shortlist of some of the accounts you should follow.

Image Credit: @brownskinderm on Instagram


Dr. Adelina Kikam is the perfect account to follow for all things skincare-related. Every post is full of skincare information on conditions that affect women of colour with product recommendations that are amazing for dark skin. She often talks about the history of dermatology as it relates to the Black American experience.

Image Credit: @nawalsari on Instagram


Nawal Sari is most famously known for her work as a modest fashion influencer who finds creative ways to redefine modest fashion. Her beauty skills are just as good as her fashion skills. She often shares her skincare secrets and posts playful makeup tutorials.

Image Credit: @labeautyologist on Instagram


 Nayamka Roberts-Smith is a licensed esthetician who shares skincare tips and tricks on her Instagram but also shares YouTube videos of her trying viral skincare trends. She has a famous rule that you must wash your face for 60 seconds to get the full effects of your cleanser!

Image Credit: @seangarrette on Instagram


 Is an esthetician living in New York and is the founder of @SeanGarretteSkin . Sean offers tips and tricks from working in the beauty industry.

Image Credit: @rowisingh on Instagram


 If intricate and colourful makeup looks are your favourite Rowi Singh is the inspiration you need. Taking inspiration from her Indian culture and the world around her she creates some of the most beautiful makeup looks you will see.

Image Credit: @theplasticboy on Instagram


 Gary Thompson but more famously known as The Plastic Boy was wanting to break the barriers of a predominantly woman-dominated based industry. Bringing all the sass and flair to his looks Gary is a must-follow.

Image Credit: @officialmsauzzi on Instagram


 Kaycee Rose is an indigenous makeup artist from Australia who is also studying mental health. She frequently posts makeup looks, outfits and is a body positivity advocate. Her looks are immaculate and her positivity and realness about herself and her body is inspiring.

This list is only a mere glimpse of all the wonderful BIPOC beauty accounts and influencers out there. This is just a small list of some that you should follow!

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