The face behind the world-renowned skincare brand is dishing all the details on the latest launches and what we can expect to see from the brand this year.

Drunk Elephant

World-famous biocompatible skincare brand, Drunk Elephant, is taking the beauty industry by storm with its innovative formulations and product launches. In fact, the brand recently dropped the A-Gloei Maretinol Oil and Wonderwild Miracle Butter, both of which have been huge hits in the skincare space!

Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Materson sat down to chat with HOLR about her brand journey and how she’s innovating the skincare space, one product at a time.


How are you innovating the skincare space with your brand, Drunk Elephant, and the latest product launches?

I think the real innovation behind Drunk Elephant is our unique philosophy, which is very different from any other skincare brand on the market today. We avoid 6 common ingredients that we suspect are at the root of unhealthy skin and most issues we see. By avoiding the “Suspicious 6” (essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, fragrances/dyes, SLS, and chemical sunscreens) and using only nourishing, biocompatible, supportive, and protective ingredients, we can deliver formulations that are able to transform people’s skin from a “type” (acne-prone, combination, oily, dry, sensitive, etc.) to well-functioning, healthy and normal. This is like an ingredient elimination diet for your skin and the results we are seeing with our customers are nothing short of amazing. This is a hopeful, positive message that is resonating with today’s consumers, of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities…actually anyone with skin.

I’m not sold on the whole “skin type” thing. I wanted to do one line that everyone could use without worrying about a particular issue, like sensitivities or breakouts. I wanted to use only ingredients that are there to benefit our skin health directly and lose all the marketing fluff like colorants and fragrances, natural or synthetic, which by the way I think are at the root of many of our chronic issues in the first place. Fewer products with cleaner ingredients that we can all use and get results. Also, I want to float the idea that skin care products for our face should not be scented, in any way, ever…hopefully, one day we’ll look back and say…can you believe when we used to put essential oils and perfume on our face? They can cause sensitivities and inflammation…why do we do this? I’m hearing from customer after customer that once they stop, it’s impossible to go back. Less is more when it comes to our skin.

My goal is to deliver the highest quality of ingredients, service, packaging, innovation, and performance at all times. To be inclusive and to always continue to educate so that the customer gets the most out of the product. My approach to developing Drunk Elephant is to think about how I want the products I am putting on my own skin to be made. By doing this I stay true to our values and am never tempted to cut corners – I want the best for myself and our consumers.

Drunk Elephant

Talk to us about the new Drunk Elephant Wonderwild Miracle Butter

Our new Wonderwild Rescue Butter is perfect for any areas of skin that need extra love! It’s perfect for windburned cheeks, dry elbows, cracked heels or anywhere else that feels irritated or compromised. Wonderwild is ultra-rich and concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It can be applied anywhere on the body, including the lips and undereye area. The restorative plant butters in Wonderwild create a protective barrier to seal in moisture and help shield skin from environmental stressors. Antioxidant-rich plant oils help replenish vital lipids to deeply nourish, bringing skin back to its healthiest state.

Drunk Elephant

Where does the inspiration behind new products come from?

I formulate new products based on what I feel is missing in my routine. I think each one brings something important to the line and I wouldn’t want to be without any of them, but then again I developed each Drunk Elephant based on my own desires and wishes as a consumer, so they all fit in and make sense.

Drunk Elephant

What can we expect from Drunk Elephant in 2022?

We just expanded our hair line with Chris McMillan and launched three new products that I’m very excited about. The Silkaminos are extremely moisturizing and make my hair softer than anything I’ve ever tried. We also have another big skincare launch coming in the fall that I can’t wait to share with you soon!

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