Founded in 2005 by Laura Polley, the award-winning therapeutic spa for women opened its doors to the people of Toronto. Body Blitz Spa was created following Laura’s trip to Baden-Baden, Germany after discovering their world-renowned bathhouse culture. As an entrepreneur, Laura knew that starting a natural water healing spa in Toronto would make for an incredibly popular business. People have long, busy, stressful lives and need to pamper themselves as a reward for all of their hard work. What better way to do so than with a day trip to the spa?

Note: This photo was taken pre-COVID-19. Masks and face-shields are worn by staff throughout all services.

Body Blitz Spa formulated their very own skincare line in order to fully understand what they’re using on clients and what ingredients blend well together in order to target specific skin concerns/skin types. The company has expanded since its opening and now have 7 spa locations. Laura now has 2 Body Blitz Spas in Toronto, 4 Blitz Facial Bars in Toronto, and 1 in Brooklyn, New York. The Blitz Facial Bars have quite a few locations and there’s no question as to why. Facials are a must in this world of air pollution and stressful living. Our skin is aging faster than we think so it’s up to self-care and proper treatment in order to help protect it for our future. The Blitz Facial Bars were created to provide numerous relaxing skin care treatments for the face. Whether you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles, calm acne, de-puff under the eyes, deeply hydrate, exfoliate, or anything in between the Blitz Facial Bars have it all.

The services offered by Blitz Facial Bar range from advanced treatments to regular facials and even added on boosters as well. Some of the services available include their Micro-Needling Rejuvenation treatment which features 12 sterile micro-needles professionally rolled across the face to help promote skin repair, reduce fine lines, minimize large pores, minimize acne scars, and rid dark circles under the eyes. Other treatments include IPL facials that use medical lasers to go beneath the skin and target more serious concerns that typical facials may not be able to repair such as rosacea, broken capillaries, pigmentation reduction, etc. For their regular facials they have something for everyone whether you need extractions done, skin tightened, or just a general refresher, there is certainly something for you at Blitz Facial Bar. 

If there is one treatment worth mentioning above all, it would have to be their “The Works” facial. Following the consultation with their highly trained aesthetician team, you will go through a personalized comprehensive process that is designed specifically to help you. This facial pretty much covers it all. While brightening your complexion, encouraging new skin cell growth, evening out skin tone, and improving hyperpigmentation, this mask will also rid your skin of clogging environmental pollutants, hydrate, exfoliate old skin cells away, and overall put you in complete relaxation. The Works includes microdermabrasion treatment, steamed extractions, a lymphatic face massage, a scalp massage, and of course a mask followed by deeply penetrated hydration. 

Next time you’re looking for a short getaway filled with nothing but utter relaxation and healing the Body Blitz Spa and Blitz Facial Bars will be waiting for you. With locations spread across all of Toronto, there is no excuse to not come. You are beautiful and deserve to feel and look your best so why not give it a try. Book your treatment today at and discover your new favourite skincare routine.


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